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When it comes to saying their ‘wows’, modern brides are constantly looking for ways of pushing the envelope.

Every bride looks for the ‘wow’ factor – even if the celebration is a low-key ceremony on the beach or sophisticated and traditional elegance.  It may be the dress, the retinue’s attire, the hair, the venue, the décor, the music, the speeches, the cake, the food or the flowers – but we all hope for that something special that will have the guests awestruck.

And as modern brides look for that element of surprise, colourful wedding flowers are becoming increasingly popular.  While white weddings will always be a firm favourite, bright and happy colours are taking centre stage.

For a jaw-dropping look, brides-to-be may want to think about these bright schemes.. 

’R’ is for red and romance.  Red is guaranteed to be striking and dramatic and it combines well with white.  Although often perceived as a winter colour, red is eye-catching at any time of the year– acomplia for weight loss and what better colour to symbolise passion, love and beauty?  If red gets the green light, look for red roses, gerberas, pointsettia, berries and amaryllis for the flowers teamed with a red velvet or crushed silk gown.

Yellow is far from mellow, and could set the stage for the happiest of celebrations.  Bright and breezy, yellow symbolises happiness and friendship and is best suited for spring or summer nuptials.  As not everyone has skin tone that is complemented by a bright yellow, it’s worth having a look at some of the softer, more pastel shades such as ivory and pale lemon that combine well with white, green and blue.  Some suggested flower types for accessorising are freesias, tulips, sunflowers, daisies, buy Fatblast Extreme online golden rod, roses, lilies, daffodils, orchids, and dahlias.

Another bridal colour trend are silver and gold.    Like the precious metals, these shiny weddings are rare and beautiful.  To make it with metallics, what about stunning silver satin or glittering gold brocade?.   Golden flowers are as rare as …well golden flowers, so it’s all about accessorising to create a glamorous golden look.  Silver flowers are easier, with beautiful shiny foliage like florists’ gum (eucalyptus) and westringia the perfect foil with white blooms.

Going green may be the environmentally friendly thing to do, but it will also have your guests green with envy if you go natural for your nuptials.  It’s a fabulously easy colour to experiment with and makes a great companion with other colours.  White, pink, red, blue, yellow – they all go with green.  Some green varieties are lisianthus, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and calla lilies.

Monochrome weddings are in fashion – and black is back.  Not for the fainthearted- it takes courage to wear a black bridal gown but it’s guaranteed to get tongues wagging!.  A suggestion from a Perth florist, Angel Flowers is to dye fresh flowers to create ‘black’ blooms.  Accessories such as velvet ribbon, pebbles and bows can be used to create striking arrangements.

Brown isn’t boring when it comes to weddings and brides are looking for warmth when it comes to winter occasions.   For a tailored, smart outfit, tweed or wool looks good whilst rich chocolate brown velvet looks fabulous in a sumptuous gown.  Fabulous browns for flower arrangements include elegant twisted willow, magnolias, proteas, pussy willow, nandina leaves and chrysanthemums.

While white is still the favourite among brides, there are some who are being fashion forward with bright colours.   For inspiration, ideas and practical advice, have a look at the websites of Perth wedding flower specialists to make your dreams come true.

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