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Insights On Digital Video From Your Dallas Wedding Videographer

Today, a Dallas wedding videographer typically uses digital video technology to capture the special moments in a wedding in high quality and preserve them for years to come. The popularity of DV or Digital Video is not just due to the high resolution of the video produced, as well as the ease of editing, transferring, and reproduction, but also the low overall costs associated with the technology. The digital video format also comes with other surprising benefits; some that may just entice you into hiring more shooters, signing up with better and more experienced videographers, or getting a relatively more expensive package than you initially considered.

What Camera Crew?

Brides-to-be may be somewhat reluctant to hire a videographer and crew to put the wedding and reception on video because they do not want these individuals to get into every scene and spoil any moments that only come once in a lifetime. While the image of the backpacked cameraman surrounded by a lightsman and another crew member holding a boom mike may be enough to turn off anyone considering wedding video coverage, keep in mind that we are no longer in the days of VHS or early digital. Compact cameras with built-in microphones and the ability to shoot great video in low light has mostly done away with these concerns, and has enabled videographers to document the occasion as it happens, rather than be an inadvertent part of it.

Sounds Good

Gone are the days of the huge boom mikes, as well as the traditional wired microphones – wireless “button” mikes are now what most videographers use. These are lightweight and virtually unnoticeable due to their small size, although the groom or any person who uses this mike may have to wear a small transmitter pack on his belt or waistband. This type of wireless mic may also be placed on the lapel, or in the case of a Jewish wedding, a huppah for an even more discreet option.

Different Angles

Editing can be much more creative with the digital technology, and not just because of the software or editing computers involved. Your videographer can also shoot from many different angles by mounting a fist-sized camera on a pole that extends beyond twenty feet and allows the camera full rotation. This allows previously impossible or highly difficult shots, such as a bird’s eye view of your first dance as a married couple, without crimping the action.

Videographers today use a range of cinematographic techniques and above-par yet easily accessible technology to provide you with a digital wedding video that captures the moments and emotions of your special day. In the hands of expert Dallas wedding videographer, digital video technology can result in a beautifully shot and evocative wedding video; all without cialis without prescription the inconvenience and high costs that came with earlier video technologies.

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