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If You Are From The South Or Are Just A Western Culture And Music Devotee, A Western Marriage Ceremony May Be Suitable For You

I recently attended a western wedding ceremony and I was amazed at the beautiful spectacle. The bride and groom did a stunning job choosing fashionable country motifs and decorations for the unique occasion. I thought that the entire thing was going to be a total mess and that it was going to be far too casual for a true bridal affair but I was terribly wrong.

The first indication that the pair was having a country wedding ceremony was apparent in the invitations. The pair chose an invitation design that used a cowpoke hat and a flower bouquet as the primary focus. I knew then there would be country wedding songs at the wedding ceremony. The lovely icons were set atop of a haystack that was gracefully placed to the left of the pretty notes.

The pair opted to write their own personal note for the guests to read and they stuck to the country wedding ceremony theme by saying that they were “getting hitched” and providing the particulars about the event. This sweet presentation was normally informal but the gorgeous design and elegant quality of the invites balanced the casual approach of the note.

The maid-of-honor also embraced the motif by using wonderful little fun box pendant necklace and earring sets presented in a rancher hat. These were presented as country wedding songs played. Each box was designed as a hat that opens easily to reveal either a pendant necklace or ear-rings for the guests at the wedding shower. The gifts were reasonably priced according to the maid of honor who was quite proud of her showstopping choice of bridal shower favors. These keep-sakes is going to be enjoyed for years to come and they are a great reminder of the western marriage ceremony.

Wine was given out to the bride and bridegroom in an unusual way. There was a cow-boy wine-holder on the bridal table. The base of the wine-holder was a horseshoe and tied to the base was a cow-boy made out of horseshoes as well. His metal arms were out-stretched to hold 4 wine goblets (that were ornamented with running horses) and his bent legs held the wine. There were country wedding songs playing when the wine was poured. This brilliant piece fit right into the western wedding ceremony motif.

Possibly the most awe-inspiring element in the country wedding ceremony was the bride’s stunning gown. This dress had a small train and was enclosed in delicate lace and pearls. It was in no way a ball-gown but it radiated beauty. The bride peered from beneath a tastefully decorated cow-girl hat decorated with a light veil. She was the crowning touch to the country marriage ceremony.

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