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Ideas For Beach Theme Wedding Favors You Can Give To Your Guests

Did you decide to hold the wedding at the beach? What makes beach weddings more fun are the beach theme wedding favors. These wedding favors don’t just look cute, they are something that guests will want to take home with them and keep to remember your wedding by. Of course as with all wedding supplies and planning, the favors you decide on will be based on what you have budgeted for. You can either spend heaps on fancy ones or you can look to slightly less expensive but focus on getting favors that really stand out.

Go the Classic Flip-Flop Way

The flip-flop design is obviously quite appropriate for beach weddings. After all, no one goes to the without wearing flip-flops unless they prefer walking the sandy shore barefoot. You have a lot of options for flip-flop inspired wedding favors. You could for instance go with ones that are shaped like tags for a person’s luggage. Made of light and colorful flip-flop hard materials and adorned with a flower, you can have flip-flop luggage tags personalized with a message.

You can also choose to give guests flip-flop designed photo frames. This makes the favors quite practical too. Not only will they obviously be practical for the guests but you can also use them to hold the table place cards at the reception. Guests will surely enjoy these beach theme favors and you can be sure they will want to take them home with them. They can keep your photo or replace it with their own. Staying with this idea, you can find a number of other place-card type favors with this type of design. price cialis Get a whole bunch of ideas together and then decide based on your budget bearing in mind that you can also perhaps come up with new ideas as you go.

Using the Beach as Inspiration

Using everything you can find at the beach will help you come up with more ideas for favors like the smell of the ocean. You can capitalize on this fact by giving away scented candles as wedding favors. Closer to the theme could be candles shaped like something you would find at the beach like a castle or bucket and spade – just be sure to check that they are good quality too.

What about Choosing a Lantern Favor?

Having lantern acomplia on obesity href=”http://perfectweddingdayessentials.com/try-my-wedding-favors-for-unique-ideas/”>beach theme wedding favors can be romantic. With a candle inside, the glow of the flame adds to the mood. If you add some seashell decorations around it, you can give it more depth. What can be more unique than a lighthouse shaped lantern? If you can find such candle holder lantern, you will even add more sea ambiance to your wedding, and give your guests a piece of your beach wedding to take home with them.

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