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I Want Wedding Up-lighting At My Wedding Reception

When you hire your Wedding DJ, you might want to inquire as to how much Wedding DJ Up-Lighting will cost. You want your wedding day to be special and rememberable, and adding Up-Lighting to this once-in-a-lifetime event will add sophistication and ambiance which will definitely make it so.

The utilization of DJ Up-Lighting at your wedding reception may add between $200 and $1000 to your total Disc Jockey cost, though costs will differ dependent on the DJ, the dimensions of the reception hall, how many colors you’d like in your Up-Lighting set up and the time period your reception will be.

Here are a few questions you need to find out when purchasing your Up-Lighting package:

Find out what kind of lights will be used. Halogen lights are older and not as many firms use them anymore; they get quite hot. Halogen lights have often been replaced by the more preferred and common LED lights which don’t get as hot. Most Disc Jockey companies have withdrawn the use of colored filters and incandescent lights due to the heat and cost of the lighting.

You’ll also need to ask how many lights you’ll be getting when you’re quoted. Make sure that you may have enough led up-lights for your reception hall. Most Wedding DJ up-lighting firms charge per lighting fixture, and you do not want to spend extra money only to have your lighting package not be sufficient.

Ask your Up-Lighting company if they’re available to help you choose and design the right colours for your wedding venue.

Dont forget to ask what else comes in the wedding up-lighting package. You may be able to include a wall wash, dance floor lighting, table pin spotting, cake lighting or gobos, which are circular stencils that are placed over the light to project a design, date or monogram. Each option incorporates its own separate price. If you decide that you need these kinds of lights, you’ll need to inquire and see whether they fit into your budget.

Also , ask about a set up and delivery charges in addition to any other service charges there could be.

Up-lighting requires additional set-up and tear down time. Make sure you allot extra time for your wedding DJ to tear down his lighting and DJ gear once your reception is completed. Some reception venues only allow and hour after your reception ends to have everyone including your DJ and his equipment out of the hall once your party has ended.

Jam Party Connections provides custom wedding lighting. We are able to provide custom color wedding up-lighting for any occasion!

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