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How To Plan A Big Wedding On The Cheap


Big weddings can be a lot of fun, but they can also cost an awful lot of money. If you have more friends and family than you do cash, it will be important to find some creative ways to save money on your wedding. Check out these great wedding planning ideas for how to plan a big wedding on the cheap.

For most big weddings, the hardest part is finding a large venue that is affordable. You will be glad to hear that people do manage it. The trick is to look beyond the typical reception sites like hotels and banquet halls, which can get very pricey for a large group. If you dig deep enough, you are sure to find a good site for your reception. Investigate places like Grange halls, meeting spaces in public buildings, and church basements, just to name a few. Getting married outside is often a good option, as long as you are fine with keeping it very simple. Renting a tent can easily run into many thousands of dollars. Here’s a good piece of advice: find a site that has adequate public restrooms handy. It’s not like you can go without bathrooms, and nice portable ones are expensive to rent for the day.

Then you will want to think about how to deal with the wedding dinner. When you have a huge guest list, it will be very costly to hire a caterer, yet nearly impossible to do your own catering. There are a couple good options for large quantities of wedding food on a tight budget. One is to go the semi-homemade route, and buy everything in bulk from a place like Costco. Order platters of finger foods, mini sandwiches, and yummy sides. All you need to do is put them into pretty dishes, and your meal will be good to go. Of course you will still need to have adequate staff around to supervise the food set up, serving, and clean up. Culinary students are often a great resource for this kind of job.

If you want to spend less than the cost of traditional catering without having to do any of the work, plan to work with a local restaurant instead of a wedding caterer. It is fun to share your favorite restaurant’s food with your friends, especially when you can save money in the process. Pasta is a particularly affordable way to feed a crowd, and virtually everyone likes it. A lot of the warehouse grocery chains have surprisingly tasty cakes available. Dress it up with fresh berries for a nice touch.

There are plenty of other helpful wedding planning tips to allow you to have the guest list you want at the price you can afford. It is easy to find bargain prices for flowers on the Internet. Skip over unimportant details like favors and customization. When you are clever about it, you will discover that you can have a huge wedding on a tight budget.


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