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How to Make Wedding Invitations with Seashell Designs — Tips for the DIY Couples

Beach inspired weddings are becoming very popular nowadays. The freshness and uniqueness of the beach makes it a perfect order cialis venue for the most special event in your life. Of course, if you are having your wedding ceremony on the beach, all the elements of your wedding need to conform to this theme — from the decorations, wedding favors, and yes, even the wedding invitations. If you are a DIY couple, you can create wedding invitations with seashell designs

An invitation design that makes use of a seashell theme is not hard to create. If you are creative or your friends and family are then you can start a little DIY invitations project and try out a few ideas for yourself. Here are some simple steps that you need to do to create your own seashell adorned wedding invitations. 

1. You need to use the right type of paper for the wedding invitations. The usual special paper is not enough. You will need to look at getting a thicker cardboard kind of paper that will be able to support heavier items.

2. Visit your local arts and crafts stores and buy different types of seashells and decorative sand. Choose lots of small seashells for the border and flat-type scallops for the design highlights. Sand can be used in a creative way to later put the finishing touches on the invitations.

3. Before you start putting the seashells on though, be sure to have had all the other artwork and printing done. You don’t have to do anything special here because you don’t want to detract from the main design. As long as you use informal standard fonts, your wedding invitations with seashell designs will be perfectly fine. Once you have the card printed and ready you can begin designing with your seashells and other embellishments. Best thing to use in order to keep the seashells and sand stuck on the paper is to get hold of the best art glue you can find – you don’t want the things falling off.

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