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How To Make An Unforgettable Wedding

Your wedding is the most important, memorable and romantic day of your life. There are many ways to ensure you avoid the ‘cookie cutter’ style of event resulting in everyone’s album looking the same as all the rest. Examples include opting for couture wedding dresses, creating your own party favours and choosing an unusual place to get married. Here are some tips on how to make your day totally unique and unforgettable for all involved. Some event planners from the team building companies had much to offer in the following.

In these days of easy to access and use technology, why not film your invitation with your husband to be instead of sending a more formal card? You should have a rough guide of what you will say before you film it; it might also be good to film more than one attempt so you can choose the best one. Make sure you include all the relevant details, such as the time and the date, and mention a few people by name to make it more personal. You can then upload the video online and send people the link, or post them a disc to play in their computer. Either way the message will be very personal and unique.

Couture wedding dresses provide you with the option of choosing a dress that is designed just for you. This has two main advantages over a standard gown. Firstly you will be able to select a style and design that looks superb on you; you will not have to compromise and choose a dress that perhaps doesn’t quite meet up to your high expectations for this big day. Furthermore, you will be able to walk up the aisle knowing no other woman will ever wear – or has ever worn – the same dress you will wear to say your vows in. This is quite an experience to have and it marks out couture wedding dresses as a desirable part of your big day.

In continuing the theme of making every aspect of your day more personal and people will never forget, you can continue the technique to welcome people to your reception dinner. A good example is to forget the standard place cards in favour of something more original. Buy or bake some biscuits and use piping icing to write the name of a guest on each one. Alternatively, you could have some thank you cards printed, with each one labelled for a particular guest to open. You can add another striking and memorable detail by giving careful consideration to the flower arrangements. You don’t necessarily need a plethora of flowers on each table – the most attractive arrangements often include just one or two different types of flowers.

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