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How To Get In Shape For Your Wedding Fast


There is nothing like a wedding to motivate a woman to get in shape. After all, every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. Brides can get very upset when they have not reached their goal weight and the wedding is drawing near. To learn how to reach your fitness goals before your wedding, use this tried-and-true advice.

Have you been having a little too much fun getting ready for your wedding? Does shopping for crystal bridal jewelry with your bridesmaids end in a two hour lunch over margaritas? Although all brides want to slim down, the rounds of bridal showers and engagement parties can cause them to gain weight instead. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of being tempted by all of the sweets and cocktails at your bridal shower, engagement parties, and menu tastings. A good tip is to eat a meal beforehand and skip the party food. Pace yourself, and plan to make one glass of champagne – don’t mindlessly accept refills and all the calories that come along with them.

With your diet under control, you will want to turn your attention to a great exercise program. There is no one fitness program that is best for everyone; it depends on your specific aims. Brides who are aiming to shed pounds quickly should focus on cardio exercises. Aim for classes and workouts with a focus on aerobic activity to consume a lot of calories. Many workout novices find that classes are more motivating than exercising on their own. Naturally, you should consult with your doctor before taking on any new form of exercise.

One great way to get yourself moving is to sign up for a race or athletic event. Select a race that raises money for a cause that free cialis is near and dear to your heart to make training more pleasant. Signing up for a race can be very motivating. A bicycle event is another great option. Having something specific that you need to prepare for will really help you to keep lacing up those running shoes day after day. See if you can get your fiance to do the event with you to make it more fun.

Personal trainers can be very helpful for brides who want to tone up their muscles. This is often equally true for brides who hope to shed pounds and to brides who just need to get toned. While you cannot really tone up a single area of your body, you can certainly target trouble spots as part of a general workout routine. Triceps and biceps are often trouble spots for brides wearing sleeveless dresses. They can often be toned with simple exercises using low weight and high repetition (for a streamlined look). For a great head to toe fitness program, try yoga. Some classes like Bikram and Ashtanga are especially vigorous and can help a bride lose weight while she tones her muscles. Yoga is also very relaxing, which can be an immeasurable benefit to a stressed out bride-to-be.

While everyone hopes to improve how they look, try not to be overly critical of your results. It is great to be in wonderful physical shape for your wedding, but it is even more important to feel good and be healthy. Do try to keep in mind that your groom thinks you are already perfect. When you glide down the aisle in your wedding gown and crystal bridal jewelry, he is sure to think you are the most beautiful bride he has ever laid his eyes upon.

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