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How To Clean Your Wedding Shoes Properly

Today’s bride can purchase wedding shoes in just about any fabric. Most future brides love to purchase shoes that are made of silk or satin. Whatever the fabric, however, wedding shoes are an investment. So, when laying out major bucks for that one special day, unless you are the Princess of Wales or someone who has money to burn, you’re probably going to wear your shoes again.

Most brides find that after the wedding there is always something that has soiled or stained their shoes. When this occurs, its best to take your shoes to a professional cleaner and have them cleaned as soon as possible. However, when the cost of cleaning by a professional is just not in the budget, there are several other ways to restore your shoes to that pre wedding status. Depending on the fabric, below are a few tips on how to clean women wedding shoes and keep them price cialis looking good for years:

How To Clean Wedding Shoes – Bicarbonate of soda tends to work wonders when it comes to any fabric. Especially when attempting to clean white. Take your shoes and pour bicarbonate on the spot. Allow the soda to soak into the stain. When the foaming stops, gently brush the area with a toothbrush. If the stain has not diminished completely, repeat the process until the stain has disappeared.

For stains that have not been allowed to set, baking soda is another amazing cleanser. Prepare a paste of of baking soda of baking soda and water. Place the mixture on the stain. If the stain is large and encompasses most of the shoe, make enough of the mixture to cover the entire shoe or both shoes. Cover the shoes and allow the paste to dry into the stain. After drying, take a toothbrush and gently brush the paste off the shoe. When the paste has been removed, take a damp, clean cloth and remove the remaining paste, being sure to remove all the remaining mixture from the shoe(s). Make siure there is no remaining residue on the shoes.

Mix a mild fabric detergent with water mixture together in a small bowl. Take a tooth brush and wipe the area clean by using gentle strokes of the brush. Be careful not to damage the material. When the spot has been removed, take a soft, clean, damp cloth and wipe the area clean. Make sure all detergent has been removed. Allow the shoe to air dry.

Note: Never try to clean ‘dyed’ shoes on your own. If your wedding shoes were dyed, it’s best to have them cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. Also, never place any shoe in water. Placing an entire shoe in water will destroy the shoe. If you are not sure you can clean your shoe or if the stain on your shoe has been allowed to set, take your shoe to a professional dry cleaner. Allowing a stain to set may cause the stain to be permanent. It’s always best to remove a stain immediately.

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