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How To Choose A Matching Wedding Necklace

Selecting a necklace for your wedding can be overwhelming because of all the choices available. Several items should be taken into consideration: the style of the bridal gown, how the bride will wear her hair, will matching earrings be available, and the personal likes and dislikes of the bride. The answer to these questions will make the task of choosing the perfect necklace much easier.

The style of the bridal gown can easily dictate the choice of a wedding necklace. Is the gown lacy? Does the gown have pearls sewn into it? Is the gown elaborate or very simple? Does the gown have a high neck line or is it low cut? If your gown is lacy and/or detailed it would be best to keep the necklace simple. The necklace should not compete with the gown. It is also a good rule of thumb to keep the necklace above the neckline of the dress. If your wedding dress is simple you could choose a simple strand of pearls and keep with a very classic style, however a simple dress can easily support a more ornate necklace. A wedding gown with a high neckline may look best without a necklace at all. A low neckline will easily accommodate a drop pendant necklace.

The style of the bride’s hair can also help guide the selection of a wedding necklace. If the hair is long and worn swept forward, in front of the shoulders, an elaborate necklace many detract from the beauty of the bride’s face. If the hair is worn up and pulled back away from the face, a necklace can add a nice dimension to the overall look.
Selecting a wedding necklace that has matching earrings is bonus. Matching sets always look elegant, even if the earrings are barely noticeable due to hair style.

 A cautionary note about big earrings, such cialis without prescription as chandelier types, it may be wise to lose the necklace when these earrings are selected. Often the combination draws attention away from the dress and the bride herself. Simple earrings that coordinate with the necklace make an excellent finishing touch. Although seldom seen, a touch of color contained within the jewels of a wedding necklace and earrings can give a nice drop of color for a bride that is dresses from head to toe in white or ivory. Bridal bouquets usually contain the wedding colors and add that color at the ceremony but flower bouquets are not typically carried around at the reception.

If the bride desires some color, jewelry is an excellent place to use it.
The bride’s personal likes and dislikes must be taken into consideration when selecting a wedding necklace. If the selection makes the bride happy then it is a good choice. Guidance by the bridal store personnel may be helpful if the decision is extremely difficult.
Choosing the perfect wedding necklace to compliment the bride, her gown, and her hair style can be a daunting task but can complete the effect the bride wants to create. Take your time and try on everything that appeals to you. You will know the right necklace when you see it paired with your dress.

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