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How to Become a Wedding Coordinator and Event Planner

A career as a wedding coordinator and event planner can be exciting and rewarding on so many levels.As a wedding coordinator and event planner you will have the license to exercise some creativity in your planning, while gaining the satisfaction of helping people plan the most important events of their lives.So how do you start your career as a wedding coordinator and event planner?

Formal Training

The best thing you can do for yourself as an aspiring wedding coordinator and event planner is to acquire some formal training, ideally a professional certification.Do some research and find schools in your area that offer these types of classes, specifically programs whose aim is to end with your certification as a wedding planner.This will help you gain creditability as a professional planner by preparing you for every aspect of the event planning business.You will gain the skills to help your clients set budgets, choose an ideal ceremony, acomplia buy without a prescription and execute a fabulous reception.It can be cialis hard to gain these skills on your own, and learning from professionals with years of experience is really the best way to go.


Find other wedding coordinators and event planners and become involved with them in anyway possible.Look for job openings working as an assistant for a wedding coordinator/event planner.Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful planner before you set out on your own.Talk with as many wedding coordinators and event planners as possible.Gain a solid base of connections with not only other planners, but also vendors like caterers, wedding musicians, everyone you’ll need to call on once you do embark on your solo career as a wedding coordinator.


Become as well versed as possible with all aspects of weddings before you even begin the formal training.Know the process of all the most popular wedding ceremonies; familiarize yourself with the types of menus typically offered by wedding caterers, costs for food/venues, etc.The greater understanding you have of all the different pieces of weddings before you try to jumpstart your career the better off you’ll be. 

Find books on ceremonies and receptions, pay attention to weddings of friends and family members.  Assess how you would contribute to the wedding to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone in the wedding party, but mostly the bride and groom.

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