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How To Be A Great Wedding Guest


In your lifetime, you are likely to be invited to a lot of weddings. Whether you are the type who loves weddings or one of those who views them as a bore to be endured, it is still important to behave graciously. Before you send in your next R.s.v.p., find out how to make yourself into the kind of guest every bride dreams about.

Please mail back the R.s.v.p. on time. The dates on response cards are not merely suggestions; the bride has to get a head count to the caterer, so help her out by sending in your card on time. The most popular guests are the ones who get their response cards in nice and early. There is no “maybe” box on the reply card – you must either promise to come or regretfully decline. It is really unfair to text the bride three days before the wedding to say you have changed your mind and will attend if you previously said no. And if you have promised to come, you had better be there, because no other invitation trumps a wedding invitation (except maybe a personal invite to dine with the President). Remember that the wedding hosts have to pay the caterer based on a pre-wedding head count, so no-shows cause the hosts to lose tons of money. That money could be much better spent on the wedding favors, bridesmaid jewelry gifts, or just saved for a rainy day.

A marriage is cause to rejoice. There is no question that lively wedding guests help to make a reception much for fun. The newlyweds always appreciate it when people are not shy about hitting the dance floor to get the party started. They will also be eternally grateful to anyone who makes the effort to speak to other guests who attended the wedding alone or those who encourage the wallflowers to join in the party. While it is great to be the life of the party, don’t get so wild that all eyes are on you instead of the newlyweds!

To be a good guest, one must follow the dress code (stated or implied) of the wedding. When it doubt, it is better to be a little overdressed than underdressed. No matter how casual the wedding may be, jeans and sweatpants are forbidden. It looks disrespectful to show up dressed to go to the gym when the bride is in a long gown bridesmaids are wearing silk dresses with custom bridesmaid jewelry. We all know that pajamas are more comfortable than an evening gown, but that is no excuse not to make an effort to look good. And by the way, white is strictly taboo for wedding guests. Choose any other color at all, just not white. You might not mean anything by it, but if a guest wears white, some people are sure to think she is attempting to steal the cialis dosage bride’s thunder.

Considering how important the ceremony is to the couple tying the knot, it is only right that their guests show some respect for the event. Going to a wedding is not like going out to dinner – you do not get there right at the reserved time, but rather well enough beforehand to be settled in by the starting time. Ideally, the guests should get to the ceremony site about 20 minutes before the service is due to begin. Guests who are tardy are expected to hang back until the bride is at the altar, and then quietly take hte nearest seat. Be sure to turn off your cell phone before heading into a wedding ceremony and no texting, checking your email, or tweeting during the nuptials!

Always refrain from critiquing the reception or ceremony. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a wedding great, and that is okay. Maybe they had a small budget, perhaps they have different customs, or maybe their taste is not like yours. To be a gracious wedding guest, you must follow through on your acceptance of the invitation, in a timely manner, and full of genuine good wishes for the bride and groom.

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