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History Of The Wedding Cake

In the history of the wedding cake, the 1st wedding cake was not designed to be eaten. Looking backwards at wedding cake history, a wedding cake was basically a loaf of wheat bread that was torn over the head of the bride, by the groom. This marriage cake custom commenced sometime in the Roman Empire when wheat was actually representative of fertility. The marriage guests would then eat the crumbs that dropped for good luck and wealth!

In the Middle Ages history of wedding cake, the wheat loaf was substituted with sweet buns and were brought to the bride and groom by the wedding guests. After the occassion, the buns would be piled together for the bride-to-be and groom to kiss over. The higher the wedding cake buns were stacked, the more well off the marriage couple would be!

Then in the 16th century history of the wedding cake, while visiting London a French cook was horrified by the wedding cake custom he had seen. On his return to France, he baked a wedding cake that looked something like a mound of buns – similar to today’s tiered modern wedding cakes. He made the newer wedding cake taste nice and loaded it with mouth watering, flowing frosting.

Today, ordinary yet modern wedding cakes are a great and symbolic part of the important day. Wedding cakes are by and large white, which was connected with purity. The wedding cake is frequently called the bride’s cake, further boosting the concept of purity and new beginnings. Over the course of time the trend has been to move away from white, both for dresses and wedding cakes. Today the cake color can match the bride’s dress or merely be her favourite flavor.

As the couple uses their marriage cake server set and makes their first cut in, this symbolizes the firstt meal as partners – now an appreciated tribute to the wedding cake history of centuries past.

Debra Hogan is owner of many marriage favour sites and has been interested with marriage planning since her days working with wedding photographers at Eastman Kodak. On her web sites are plenty of great wedding tip articles to help brides plan their perfect wedding.

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