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Hens Party Ideas Are Fantastic When Combined With The Blingworks Black And Bling Theme

Every girl in charge of planning the special event before the bride’s big wedding day should be constantly looking for unique hens night ideas.

The number one focus should be the bride to be. The type of party will depend upon her preference and of course the budget you are working to. It should be an event to remember, not only for the bride, but guests aswell.

The venue for the event should be a place the bride loves. It could be a cafe, club, or other setting. This is the last time she’s going to have an evening or day out with all her best family and friends before the wedding, so make it special. Now is not the time to try a new place…save that for another time. You might be disappointed and this day has to be special.

Popular hens night ideas that everyone will adore, particularly if it’s to be a casual event, are custom t shirts for the bride, her friends and wedding attendants that will be attending. A very popular choice for hens party t-shirts these days is the blingworks “black and bling” theme, in which rhinestone iron on transfers are applied to the hens party garments. They are an inexpensive way of making glamorous clothes for the full hens party. A group theme is a great hens party theme and looks superb in photos, which are always well-liked souvenirs from the evening. The hens party t shirts can have a saying applied to them like ‘Tanya’s Hen’s Night ‘ or “Bride’s Entourage’.

The words on the shirts can include any number of catchy phrases such as “Party Hens”or “Bridezilla’s Crew”. A popular idea is to have a special shirt for the bride announcing who she is and matching t-shirts for the maid or matron of honor and bridesmaids. Bridesmaids t-shirts can be colour coordinated with brightly coloured rhinestones to match their robes for the wedding. The bridesmaids will appreciate having a special momento of the day. This way, everyone will feel as though they are included in the bridal party. The important thing is to have heaps of fun.

Hens party ideas may also include an enjoyable Mexican Fiesta. Serve standard Mexican foods like tacos, burritos, nachos, and do not forget the tequila. You could get a pinata stuffed with goodies or small presents for the bride. Another great idea is to serve a delightful brunch with all of the standard dishes, including champers. Watch an enjoyable film like “the Wedding Planner” or “The Proposal”. If you want to go strictly elegant, plan a cocktail party. Themed parties are always a great way to hold a party for a special day. A strategy to make sure everyone enjoys the food is to incorporate a chocolate smorgasboard, which is popular at weddings and bridal showers. Everyone will rave about it.

The main thing is to plan an event that’ll be remembered by everyone long after the wedding is over.

Lilly Boyce is a designer and writer for fashion who has discovered the potential and wonder of rhinestones and crystal bling. Her main interest is in hot fix rhinestone designs and applications that create groovy and cost-effective clothing using t shirt transfers with iron on rhinestones. Rhinestone transfers are a superb and fast way to make inexpensive and glamorous clothing and are brilliant when combined with all hens party ideas. Click thru to find more information on these great ideas.

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