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Hens’ party and wedding relaxation massage

Massage is being used more and more by stressed out brides and grooms just before the wedding. It is also popular as a pampering activity at hens’ parties.

This is hardly surprising because massage can not only make you feel good, but can also make you look good for your big day – therefore  mobile hens’ party and wedding massage are becoming more and more popular as an easy way to de stress just before you say ‘I do’.

So how does massage help you stay calm, serene and peaceful when there are a million details to finalise and you have butterflies in your stomach?

Here’s a couple of ways massage improves your health.

It increases your blood flow around your body and disperses toxins .

• It lowers blood pressure

• Massage also helps your cells pick up the nutrition that is in your body

• It makes your skin healthier and better nourished from the inside

• Reduces pain from knotted up muscles or headaches

• Helps you move easier and helps joints move better

• Makes your immune system stronger Massage also relaxes your mind as well as your body.

• Massage is one of the best things you can do to reduce wedding stress

• It promotes relaxation, perfect before you walk down the aisle.

• Makes you aware of the mind-body connection, if your body feels good your mind usually follows

• Massage can either stimulate or sedate the body, so if you really want to relax, just let your massage therapist know and they might even send you to sleep. So … what can you expect after a massage?

• You could feel really sleepy afterwards, so give yourself some time after your massage to relax and chill.

• Massage can also dehydrate the body, so it is suggested that you increase your intake of water for at least two days after the massage.

Your digestive system will work more efficiently.

Tips for after your massage –

Drink plenty of water! – Because massage increases the flow of blood around your body and will release any toxins, it is a good idea to drink more water for a couple of days after your massage

Rest – Allow your body to enjoy the benefits of your massage and take it easy for a couple of days especially if it has been a long time since your last massage or if your muscles were very stressed. 

Limit alcohol after the massage and eat a light meal – it is recommended that you limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine after a massage as these will further dehydrate your body.

To book your hens parties massage, simply visit Ripple Massage’s website at www.ripplemassage.com.au.

Remember to take care of yourself and your body will thank you for it and will love you back. Regular massages not only make you feel good, but are a great way to keep your body free of tension, healthy and happy.

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