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Having Your Entire Wedding In One Place Has Many Advantages

When you are planning your wedding, the first thing that you need to do is get the date. Many couples who have their hearts set on a specific venue for the wedding will plan the date according to when the venue is available. This often caused one or two problems in the past when it came to churches.

Having said that, many couples today are choosing to have their wedding ceremony in the same place as their wedding reception. These all in one wedding venues are very popular with those who prefer a civil ceremony over a church wedding.
More and more people in England are having second or third weddings. Many are no longer choosing church weddings but prefer to have civil ceremonies. If you are planning your wedding, there are a large number of venues that can provide everything you need for your wedding, including accommodation for you and your guests overnight, and are also licensed to perform a civil ceremony.

Many of the all in one venues are large hotels that offer complete wedding packages. These packages often include the following:
•    Civil wedding ceremony
•    Cocktails and canapés
•    Music
•    Wedding reception dinner
•    Use of facilities for guests
•    Overnight accommodations for guests
•    Bridal suite
•    Breakfast the morning after the wedding

These large wedding venues are ideal even if you are having a small to moderately sized wedding party. Many couples who want a civil ceremony for their wedding are choosing this option.
When you have an all in one wedding venue, your guests can relax between the ceremony and the reception. Many of them will offer the bridal party the chance to spend the evening of the night before so that they can get ready in the morning without a rush. Many hotels even offer beauty treatments for the bridal party as part of the package.

A one centre wedding venue takes a great deal of the stress out of planning a wedding. Most of these civil wedding venues Surrey, has many beautiful choices, have an organiser who can help you with all aspects of the wedding planning, such as live music, invitations and food. Many of them will have an extensive selection of dinner menus from which to choose. Please go here for more information.

If you are seeking the ideal wedding experience in the English countryside or in the city and want to host an intimate wedding for family and friends, you should seriously consider booking one of the hotels that are used for one centre wedding venues.

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