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Have A Beach Themed Wedding To Keep Your Wedding Cost Under Control

There’s a reason which explains why over 1/2 Americas population lives inside 50 miles of the coast. We adore beaches, the scent of the open ocean, seafood, tropical drinks and absorbing the sun. Crystal white sand in our toes, sun browning our bodies, life is a beach!

Over 75 guests have gathered off the shore of your favorite destination to mark the union of two people to be married seaside! It is a beach wedding ripped out of the pages of Bride Magazine with the same beach themed wedding ideas sought after the wealthy and renowned without the star stunned price-tags.

Beach themed wedding ideas are actually as endlessly creative as the beach itself. From the guest book at the wedding to the sea shell bottle openers at the reception if you are going to have a sea front wedding party there are products to highlight your day that will leave the guests with melted hearts.

Fires and beaches are a wedding made in heaven not unlike your own. A reception at a beach wedding without fire is like Xmas without snow. Beach tea light candle sets reflect the burning flames in your hearts on every table, candles almost too pretty to burn, shell and sand star ornamental shapes that look like they just came out from under the ocean.

Guests gather at the reception and notice Bride and groom in bathing suits on the wedding topper cresting the impressive wedding cake. Shell and starfish glass coasters grace the head table, palm tree and flip flop table top decorations offer guests a memento of your love that was burned in the sand.

As the vibe of the music fills the room love is in the air and this wedding is totally perfect. Perfect setting, perfect bride and groom, and a decor stuffed with beach themed wedding ideas.

Steven Barnhart is owner of First Avenue Wedding Favors which features wedding planning ideas, wedding favors, reception decorations and much more to make your wedding ceremony truly memorable!

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