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Guidelines About Addressing Wedding Invitations

When the choice of the wedding invitations is finally made, there follows the challenge of addressing your guests in an elegant and appropriate way. You may need some guidelines for addressing wedding invitations, but don’t make the mistake of taking them for rules because they are not. The opinion that matters most under the circumstances is that of the couple, and they should have the final word about how to address their wedding invitations. If you work with a wedding planner, things may be a bit complicated because you will have a fair part to play in this stage of the wedding preparations.

Here are some suggestions for addressing wedding invitations that you may find useful. Although they correspond to the traditional type of event, some things don’t change that easily, and even with the most non-conformist of weddings, a certain etiquette still has to be followed. Create guest lists organized according to the marital status and the age. For example, you should how to address a divorced female who uses her married name as compared to a divorced female who uses her maiden name. Moreover, even if married, a woman may not her husband’s name.

Both the inner and the outer envelops should be addressed. Then, the mode of addressing wedding invitations can be either typed or handwritten depending on your preferences. In case you type the addresses, calligraphic fonts become a must for good looks. Pay attention to guests’ children and make sure that every person you invite will feel important and special to you. If there are steady girlfriends and boyfriends, do not leave them out. Plus, there are unmarried couples who live together, and they could also be slightly difficult to address.

You should also think about the effective way to folding your invitation. This task can be fun but this is definitely time-consuming and, yes, boring. You need paper folding equipment or letter folding machine to help you in folding all your invitations right on time. Some of the most troublesome cases when addressing wedding invitations is when the guest has some type of title or profession-related title like officers, doctors, judges or clergy members. Presently, there are tables with etiquette tips and ways of polite addressing available online: use them extensively.

Problems could also appear because of incorrect addresses and then the envelope with the invitation will be returned. And usually such situations appear because of the use of abbreviations or the faulty writing of states, numbered streets and the like. Therefore, other than the all-accepted abbreviations, write everything in full.

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