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Guide To Planning Your Summer Wedding

If you have chosen not to hire a wedding planner the following article will give you some great summer wedding ideas to get you started. You and your partner probably have a million ideas running through your head of what you want for your wedding, it is important that you bring these ideas together to compliment each other at your ceremony.

When people think summer wedding they immediately think beach wedding ideas. Hawaiian wedding favors at your reception are perfect to get a summer feel to your ceremony.

Summer Wedding colors

It is important to think bright, but not too bright. And mix like colors but keep traditional white to blend with. It is important to pick summer wedding flowers using a good summer color theme for example; Red, Orange and white or Green, Aqua and white. Try to stay away from black and white themes when planning your summer wedding, these themes are great for autumn and winter and are mainly seen at indoor wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Invitations 

It is important that your wedding invitations stay in line with your wedding theme. Buy cheap wedding invitations, it is the one part of the wedding that a lot of people will overspend on you can even make your own wedding invitations; there are some great online resources that allow you to create some great invitation designs.

Wedding cakes and centerpiece ideas

When choosing the perfect wedding cake for your wedding it is important to first think of wedding centerpiece ideas. The cake and the centerpiece need to not take away too must from each other when looking for summer wedding ideas for the centerpiece again think bright colours but don’t make it so bright it takes too much attention away from the cake. 

Wedding Dress 

Wedding dresses are very personal and it is very much something that the bride needs to pick herself. Using lighter material for your wedding dress is great for a summer outdoor wedding, heavy dresses outdoors do not sit well.. For a summer wedding a light fitting wedding dress gives the bride a graceful appearance. You can also have someone custom design your dress..

Wedding Punch 

Every summer wedding needs a wedding punch. Creating your own punch with an online punch recipe is a great idea. 

Wedding Vows 

Traditional Wedding vows are not for everyone, there are lots of wedding vow samples online that you can use but these should really come from the heart, it is important that they mean alot to you and your partner and the relationship you have.

Wedding Photographs

Wedding photographers can cost an arm and a leg. Alternatively, look for some wedding photography tips, get a good camera and start snapping, be sure to have a photo gallery set up for better photo quality. A wedding video is timeless and is an important step in planning every wedding.

don’t worry about hiring a wedding planner or event coordinator. Planning your own wedding allows you to save money for more important aspects of your wedding. If you use these summer wedding ideas on your special day it will ensure you have a day to remember.

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