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Guarantee That Your Wedding Invitations Do Their Job

Well prepared wedding invtitations can be a very useful tool when planning a wedding. Not only are they stylish and expressive; they also serve a practical purpose. Carefully crafted invites allow the couple to inform their guests of many details regarding their big day.

Venues and Timings

Most wedding invitations include information on the bride and groom, such as their names, and basic instructions on when and where both the wedding and the reception will take place. In addition it is helpful to provide driving directions and guidance on where the guests can park.

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Dress to Impress

If you have a strict dress code in mind then it is essential to make this clear on your invitations. Providing the information as early as you possibly can allows your guests time to make sure that they arrive suitably dressed.

Gift Ideas

Be sure to provide your guests with information on where you are registered for your gifts. If you would rather your guests are creative or if you would rather them give you monetary gifts instead, you can also specify this in the wedding invitation package.

RSVP Details

The point of wedding invitations is two-fold. The first role is of course to give your guests all the important details. Their second role is to give the couple an idea of who they have invited will actually be attending. Including RSVP cards gives you the information you require to book many other areas of your wedding.

The Catering

Where you are going to have multiple food options, gathering everyone’s choices can be a big task. Through the incorporation of catering forms with your RSVP cards you can make the whole process much less complicated. Guests are then able to circle or tick off their relevant food choices, which can be returned to the couple and in turn passed on to the caterer.

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