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Great Hens Night Ideas For The Special Girl

Are you organizing an approaching hen party and looking for hen night ideas? Before making any firm arrangements for the night, its always best to talk to the bride first to get her thoughts on what she wants. Ask if she would prefer a quiet night in or a wild night out on the town…then make plans.

The Date and Venue

If the bride likes a quiet hens party, there are plenty of hens night ideas to make a good evening. The very first thing to do is to decide upon a date 2-4 weeks before the wedding. You need to then choose the location and venue which can be someone”s home, a function room or somewhere that holds special memories for the bride to be, maybe her grandparents’ home or favorite sports club. Once this is decided, consider how to set a nice theme and tone for the day.

Deciding on a Theme

Music always brings back great memories of fun-filled times and gets the hen party in the mood. You can prepare ingredients to make the hen’s fave cocktail or drink. After you’ve got the music and drinks, you’re well on the way to making the hen party a great night in. You will also need to arrange catering for everybody, which doesn’t need to be over-the-top. It can be as straightforward as home delivered pizza, a few plates of nachos or a platter of nibbles in the cooker. Keep it real so you can enjoy the party as well.

Bridal Lingerie Party

Lingerie parties are also well-liked hen party ideas in which the future bride may need to purchase her wedding underwear. It isn’t unusual practice to give the bride a gift on the evening, especially if she is not having a kitchen tea. One suggestion is for everybody attending the evening to put in cash, say not more than $20 each, and buy the bride her fave products from the make-up or lingerie party.

Hen Night T Shirts

Irrespective of the location and theme, it’s important for everyone in the hens party to have fun. There might be family or mates on the night that can’t be in the bridal party on the big day, so that the hen party is a good chance to make everybody feel like they’re involved in the wedding parties. Hen night t shirts are a good way of standing out from the crowd and providing a souvenir of the night.

A popular choice for hen night t shirts are custom tshirts, in which iron on rhinestone transfers are applied to the hen party clothing. They are an inexpensive way of making glamorous clothing for the whole hen party. A group theme is a fabulous hens night idea and looks great in photographs, which are always well-liked mementos from the evening. The bride shirts can have a logo applied to them like ‘Lisa’s Hen’s Night ‘ or “Bride’s Entourage’. This way everybody would feel like they are included in the bridal party.

We hope these hen party ideas assist you with the hen night…good luck!

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