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Good Tartan Wedding Favors Ideas

Traditionally, brides often give their wedding guests a little treat or wedding favour in exchange for a wedding present given to the happy couple as a wedding gift.

The marriage gift can be a monetary contribution, a little gift for their new life together. Recently a new way is to contribute to the their holiday.You don’t need to give a wedding buy cialis online favor as a treat.

The wedding favor idea though is a gesture however bear  in mind it can also make a hole in your wedding budget . Don’t stress about coming up with new ideas.Don’t worry the favour idea is to keep things nice and simple.

If you are having a Scottish wedding design , either held in Scotland or overseas, why not give a small cheap do it yourself wedding favor in the form of seeds.A fantastic idea is to display your Scottish wedding wild-flower favors in tubs.

You can always try to make your own shortbread or tablet with a home-made recipe handed down through generations before you.Try to think of a simple way of displaying the Scottish DIY wedding favours with perhaps some tartan ribbon to finish off the look.Grooms can decide their tartan colours from ancestors second names when deciding on hiring their wedding kilts.

You can also give a wedding favor box with a tartan ribbon surrounding the box and tied in the middle.Or brides can cover wedding favour boxes with tartan material and secure with a knotted tartan ribbon .Either will look fabulous as a do it yourself wedding favour box.

Newly-weds can also secure your wedding favour box with a thistle in the centre of the box secured up with a tartan ribbon .

Brides and grooms can give a flower in a plant pot as a wedding favor gift . This flower can not only be a wedding favour but a glorious table top decoration. You can choose a flower which is in your colour theme and brides can also chose a flower which is in season when your wedding day is planned.

This will cut down on the cost of the flowers. The flower need not be a Scottish Flower. If Scottish flowers are difficult to order then try and choose say a lilac and green colour to match the thistle or blue color to match the bluebells.

Any fresh flowers will look elegant on your wedding tables. The favour can be finished off with a clear wrapper around the flower for protection when guests need to transport the flower home at the end of the evening. Add a tartan ribbon around the plant pot. Another idea would be to add a little piece of Scotland by making  your own miniature Scotland flag and placing inside the plant pot.

Diy Wedding Favors – Scottish Theme



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