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Good Limited Best Man Messages

Hi, here again with more top pointers on how you can get through the pain of giving the Best Man Speech at a wedding!  I have done it three times, and every time it became simpler because I simply applied a few basic ground rules.  One of the key ones are, if you’re undecided what to speak about, doesn’t whatever you do try and pad it out.  Nobody wants to sit though 15 mins of waffle.  Especially when all they want to do is get to the bar!  Also, if you are actually not assured about public speaking, why would you need to subject yourself to standing there for that length of time? 

In brief, keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it to the point.  So what are the bare necessities that you have got to include in a good and short, Best Man Speech? You want to compliment the bride.  Hopefully you like her, although not too much.

Hopefully she looks beautiful.  That makes it way easier, but recalls it must be a sincere compliment, and a safe, family-friendly one.  Don’t go mad; otherwise it will sound like you’re jealous of the groom. 

Next, you need to point out a few words about the groom.  Make sure you thank him for asking you to be the best man, and it would not hurt to make a reference to the indisputable fact that you’re not thanking him for having to make a lecture.  After that, you sometimes need to tell some stories about the groom.  If they’re funny, then the entire better, but don’t try and force laughs if they’re not there. 

If your stories really aren’t funny, then cialis without prescription be at liberty to add a couple of jokes, but there are a couple of guidelines here too.  Don’t tell too many – it’s a Best Man Speech, not a stand up routine.  Choose cleverly – ensure the jokes you use are suitable for family viewing.  Try them out first, in some measure to make sure they are funny, and also to make sure you can tell them properly. 

Ultimately, you want to say a few words about the bride and groom as a couple, wish them well, and talk about how happy and successful you’re sure their wedding will be.  You last task is to propose a toast to the bride and groom. 

See, you are done!  Wasn’t so bad, was it?  A short, sweet speech like that will last about five minutes – easy on you and easy on the spectators, and if you are really not content about the entire process, easy on you too.

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