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It may be a response to the economic climate, a move away from luxuries to necessities or it may simply be the way the modern world is going, but studies show that couples are shunning traditional wedding lists in preference to cash.  

When couples were surveyed by a leading wedding magazine, 45% of them said they’d prefer cash and 27% said they’d like gift vouchers which would go towards the cost of their honeymoon.  That may be the trend, but somehow the giving of cash seems a bit impersonal and some people may even find it a bit uncomfortable. 

Gift registries are the easy way out when it comes to choosing the perfect gift – but sometimes they too can seem a little formal and hands-off. To find something extra special for the couple, it’s time to think outside of the box.  In other words, think outside of the regular box that holds the toaster, the crockery, the bathware or the kitchen accessories – consider something out of the ordinary …. This is the cialis gift of experience. 

A novel idea for a wedding acomplia weight loss pill gift with a difference is to give the couple a gift certificate for an ‘experience’.  The experience can be anything from adrenalin-pumping skydiving gifts, white water rafting gifts, rock climbing and abseiling, stunt driving gifts and Harley Davidson tour gifts to romantic gifts and more genteel pursuits such as wine and food tours, dolphin tours, yacht cruises and pamper treats.  There’s something for everyone – from adrenalin junkies to hopeless romantics.  Sure beats a casserole dish!

And if you really wanted to be clever about things (and heed the research), it’s an idea to tie in the experience with the couple’s honeymoon.  OK, that may mean being inventive about extracting the secrets about the destination from the groom – but your gift could just be the icing on the cake for the newlyweds. 

Imagine a newlywed pair in Melbourne, Australia packing their bags for a much-needed and much-anticipated honeymoon in the winelands after all the build-up, hype and excitement of their big day. Wouldn’t they be blown away by a wedding gift that gave them an intimate and special treat of a hot air ballooning trip or a romantic indulgence at a day spa?  It would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

If this idea tickles your fancy, go online to BigThanks.com – an online store for a huge range of experiences and unforgettable gifts Australia.  It was set up by three Australian entrepreneurs who spotted a gap in the market for gifts with a difference – for wedding presents and other celebrations as well as for corporate gifts and incentives 

Modern couples may be asking for cash for their wedding gifts, but if you dare to be different, you can give them a gift that money simply can’t buy!

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