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Getting Your Groom Ready For The Wedding


Much attention is given to getting a bride ready for her wedding. There are countless people to help her select the perfect bridal gown, wedding jewelry, and hairstyle to look as perfect as possible on her wedding day. But what about the groom? Your fiance should also look nice! This is all you need to know to get your fiance in tip top shape for the wedding.

Once the bride has chosen her gown, it is time to find the perfect attire for the groom. Certainly their attire should coordinate with yours. If the bride is wearing a very formal satin gown, her groom should be attired equally formal attire like a tuxedo. A nice suit is the appropriate companion for a pretty organza dress for an afternoon wedding. You might be surprised to learn how many men love the idea of having a new suit made especially for their nuptials. A well tailored suit will always look better than one worn right off the rack. Your fiance might enjoy wearing a made to order shirt under his suit.

If your fiance does not know how to iron, he should take his suit to a dry cleaner to have it pressed. The bride will no doubt look perfect as she glides down the aisle in her special gown and elegant wedding jewelry. Fellas, you want your bride to be impressed with what she sees when she comes to marry you! Unless your fiance is into clothes, you may need to take the lead in making sure his attire is well fitted and perfectly pressed for the wedding. He may also need guidance on selecting the appropriate shoes to match his suit, and on picking the right socks for a formal occasion. You run the risk that he will forget to buy dress socks!

Although the average guy has a pretty minimal beauty routine, he still needs to take care of a few things to look good for his nuptials. Every man needs a good haircut before they get married. It should be scheduled for about a week before the wedding so it does not look like he had it cut that morning. Of course the groom needs to have a nice close shave for the ceremony so he is not prickly when it is time to kiss the bride. Places that specialize in shaving have become more popular in recent years, and a wedding is the perfect excuse for your fiance to try one. Guys who wear beards should make sure that they are neatly trimmed before the wedding day.

The moment when the bride and groom give each other their wedding bands is a high point of any marriage ceremony. A professional manicure is the bride’s secret to picture-ready hands and fingernails. The average guy has never had his hands manicured. That said, if you can talk him into it, a no polish paraffin manicure will really help get your groom’s hands in tip top shape. It is a chance to get his nails neatly trimmed and scraggly cuticles cleaned up. It is often the men who need the most help with their hands who are the most reluctant to get it, however. In that case, at least make sure that your fiance trims his nails and cuticles in honor of the occasion.

And then your guy will be good to go, looking absolutely dashing. Unlike the bride, most grooms can get dressed in a matter of minutes, so it is probably better that he waits until close to the ceremony start time to get into his suit. What a gorgeous couple you will make!

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