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Free Groom Speeches

Below we have included a free groom speech for you to browse. Be warned it is not of the same quality as one you would buy. If you would like to view the best groom speeches available, pop along to: My Groom Speech.

“…On behalf of my wife and I, we’d like to thank you all for coming here today and sharing our special day with us. It is not often we are surrounded by the people most important to us. We both hope you are enjoying the celebrations as much as we are and we would like to thank you again for your, kind wishes, and all the wonderful gifts.

We must say we’ve been really impressed by the number of people that have rallied round to help us in preparation for today, If you’re not mentioned by name and that’s most of you, please be assured that Kate and I are very grateful. Click here to learn more: Free Groom speech.

Simon and Sheila, thank you not only for your hospitality this evening and your kindness, but for also giving me your very beautiful daughter. I promise I’ll take good care of her and of course do everything she tells me to, even if it involves golf! I must confess I did actually try it a while ago, and during one lesson with the local pro I asked him whether he had seen any improvement since my last lesson. And he said “er… yup, that’s a much better haircut”!

So “mother of the bride”, please accept this gift we have for you.

Thank also to my parents who have suffered me for all these many years, I would like to say a special thank you for being there for me when I’ve needed you and for giving me a great start in life. I am very lucky and proud to have you as my mum and dad. I’ve a present for you here Mum, as a thank you.

I can imagine that Neil, my best man is getting impatient to make his speech soon.Now many of you don’t know that Neil suffers from a rare medical condition which causes him to invent fanciful stories. He really does believe these stories to be true so I thank you for humouring him during

his speech.

I am absolutely delighted to be able stand here today with Sharon, {I never realised what I was missing in my life until I met her. She has been my friend and confidant, a source of support and love I never knew what was missing in my buy cialis life before I met her}. Kate has been a t source of friendship, support and love. Of course I’ve no doubt that she is going to tell me afterwards that the only thing missing in my life at the moment is golf, although I am still waiting for her to explain the attraction to a game that consists of a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

Finally, I would like to thank the bridesmaids and the maid of honor, for calming “Brides Name” nerves and helping in her preparation today. I’d also like thank you for getting her to the church in one piece and on time, you’ve done a brilliant job. We have a small gift for each of you as a token of our appreciation.

Well, that’s it from me for now, but, before I pass you over to my best man, Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand and lift your glasses and join me in a toast to bridesmaids…”

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