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FAQs About The Wedding Garter Toss


There is a longstanding wedding custom that the bride wears a garter to be tossed during the reception. While not everyone chooses to participate in the garter toss, for those brides who do want to include it in their weddings, there is often some confusion about how to manage the whole thing. Learn about planning the garter toss part of a wedding reception.

One of the first things asked about garters is, “Do I need to?”. The answer is a resounding No!. In my opinion, it is not a vital part of a wedding. Some brides like the idea of wearing a garter, but not tossing it at the reception. It’s an easy way to take care of the bride’s something blue. Use this plan if the idea of having your garter publicly removed is mortifying to you.

Typically you will buy a pair of garters. There can be a toss garter and a keepsake garter. Don’t bother spending much on the garter to toss because you will not be keeping it. You can splurge a bit on the one that you plan to keep. It might be embellished with crystals or pearls to coordinate with the bridal jewelry or it could be trimmed in antique lace. Almost every garter will have something blue on it, whether it cialis is a bow, a tiny fabric rosette, or a few baby blue crystals. It is pretty easy to add your own decorative touches to your garter if you are so inclined.

Brides are often unsure about whether or not to wear the pair of garters all day. It’s up to you. The good part about wearing the pair all day is you don’t have to worry about bringing the toss garter to your reception to put on later. They are usually worn on the same leg, with the keepsake one higher. The proper place to wear the tossing garter is just above the knee, not way up the thigh – what you do with the keepsake garter is your business! Another option is to put on the tossing garter towards the end of the reception – you don’t have to wear it all day.

As for the actual moment when the tossing takes place, there is some etiquette to keep in mind. Let it be known that the groom – and only the groom – is the one who pulls the garter off the bride. Don’t let the groom pretend to pull off the bride’s lingerie or engage in any other questionable antics! While this all takes place, the bride sits in a chair, trying to maintain a least a little bit of dignity in her elegant gown and beautiful bridal jewelry. The groom pulls out the garter and flings it into a group of male wedding guests. The man who catches it gets to keep it for luck, if he is so inclined.

This is another FAQ about the whole garter thing. In some circles, the man who catches the garter is encouraged to put it on the leg of the woman who catches the bouquet. The crowd often urges him on to push it higher up her thigh, saying that every inch higher will mean another year of happiness for the newlyweds. A lot of couples wonder if they can leave this part out of the whole garter thing – and they definitely can! That is not a traditional part of the custom, and there is no need to do it. Ideally the garter toss custom is humorous and tasteful.

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