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Famous proverb states weddings are made in

Famous proverb states weddings are made in the heaven. In traditional period, people are given more importance to wedding. The wedding takes place more than five days. The relatives from all over the world came to the wedding place. All relatives are mingled together and there exists the unity. The bride and bride groom are colorfully dressed and sit on the stage for their wedding. All people pray for the bride and bride groom well being. But nowadays, all become short. It is because people think that there were no time for them to spend a lot of time and money. But now people are very rich and have a lot of time to spend. But the people want to spend a small amount of money and save a lot. In such a case, they are ready to lose even relatives for the sake of money. The bride and bride groom meet and decide their wedding. They went to register office with few friends and relatives and finished their marriage and they return home as usual. They don’t want to spend large amount of money. In traditional days, relatives buy special cialis online clothes for bride and bride groom and spend a lot of money to attract each other. Many games are conducted to enjoy their life. Many rituals are followed to engage relatives and made introduce to the new born babies. We can earn money at any stage but we can spend time with our relatives at a particular period. We have learn to enjoy each and every moment of life.

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