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Enhance Your Wedding Tables With These Five Wedding Favour Ideas

The tradition of giving wedding favours goes back decades. Couples gave favours to their guests as a token of thanks, for sharing their wedding day. Even though the specific tokens we give today are different, the significance remains the same.

Brides everywhere choose typically traditional favours. Candles, sugared almonds, and champagne bubbles are regular features at the modern wedding. But why not break with tradition? Think outside the box with your favours; there is so much choice out there to help you stand out from the crowd.

In this article we’ll share five ideas for weird and wonderful wedding favours with you. All of which are sure to spice up your reception:

1. Customised Wine Lables

Your evening celebration is the perfect time for you and your guests to let their hair down. Then perhaps the only thing missing from your party is personalised wine bottles for your guests. Get labels printed in your colour scheme, and add your photo and wedding date. These can then be stuck on any bottle of your choosing.

If your budget is tight, go for one bottle for each table rather than miniatures for each guest. With this idea, the possibilities are endless. Your wedding guests will have a quirky keepsake and a free drink – what more do you want at a reception?!

2. DIY CDs

If you and your other half love music, nothing is better than customised CDs. Choose a personal playlist that represents you as a couple. Include your first dance and the music you walked down the aisle to.

This way, you create a favour that represents you as a couple and your special day. Finish the CDs off with a handmade cover, that reflects your theme or the songs included. The best thing about this kind of favour is that they are cheap and easy to make. Perfect for couples on a budget.

3. Lottery Tickets

Let lady luck shine on your wedding reception, and give your guests a lottery ticket as a favour. These can be brought for as little as £1 and are a great alterative favour. If your reception is the night of the draw, get the best man to read out the winning numbers.

Worried you’ll miss out on the big win? Add in a humours note that says if they win the prize needs to be shared with the bride and groom. You can either present your tickets in place card holders, tied with a ribbon, or in a specialist lottery ticket holder.

4. Fortune Cookies

Share your wedding day fortune with your guests by giving customised fortune cookies. For a relatively small price, this favour will be a huge hit with your guests. You could write a simple ‘thank you’ note for inside or think outside the box.

Why not fill them with anonymous quirks you and your partner have? They could say things such as ‘has smelly feet’, with the game being guests have to guess who you’re talking about.

5. Incorporate Your Theme

Why not emphasise your wedding theme with favours that match? Depending on your art skills you can make these yourself, or hit the high street in hunt for the perfect ones. Match them to your colour scheme, or theme.

For a winter wedding, choose snowflake design favours or Christmas themed goodies. You won’t struggle to find favours like these, and they’ll be the perfect way to dress you tables. You could even theme each table differently, and include favours to suit the guests sat there.

It is great fun finding the favours for your wedding. Don’t stick to tradition; there is too much choice out there to restrict yourself. Shop around and compare prices if you’re worried about costs. If money is a real issue, you can always make them yourself.

Want your wedding favours to be unique and unforgettable as well as showing your gratitude to your guests? Take a look at this page for details on how to make your big day wonderful!

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