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Engagement Rings: A Bit Of Advice For Getting Something Very Special

Engagement rings certainly aren’t all alike.

Some are simple with cheap stones displayed on narrow bands without much ornamentation. Others are complicated works of art that outshine many people’s wedding rings. How can you select the best one, one that will make your fiance screech with excitement — with no need to worry that you’ve made the wrong decision?

Here’s some advice about engagement rings that you may want to take into consideration:

You have gemstone and metal choices.

A little diamond set onto a gold band isn’t your sole option any more, and your girlfriend could be expecting more creativeness from you. You can make a decision from many alternative metals and stones. You also get to choose the cut, colour, lucidity and carat of the stone based on what you think looks best — and what you can afford.

Birthstone engagement rings are becoming very popular .

Birthstones are not traditionally connected with engagement rings, but including a woman’s birthstone in a ring is starting to become a popular alternative or addition to the simple diamond engagement ring. Some designers are even including a stone to represent the month of the wedding in their rings.

You can’t fail with gold.

While it is no longer the only choice, no lady will be unhappy with an elegant yellow gold band for her engagement ring, but platinum and white gold are worth considering too. And while silver and titanium are less frequent selections, they can be perfect in some cases — especially if they complement your future wife’s skin tone or the stone you’ve selected.

Engravings are a nice touch.

If you’re purchasing a ring off the shelf instead of having it custom made, having it embossed with an individual message is a smart idea. Naturally, you can have custom rings inscribed too. You want to do everything possible to make your ring as unique as it is attractive.

Custom designing a ring ensures uniqueness.

When you select a custom engagement ring instead of one out of a catalogue or from a showroom, you guarantee that your special lady is getting something no-one else has. You can be certain that all aspects of the ring’s design is to your liking.

Consider what the wedding ring will look like.

In many cases, couples choose an engagement ring which will complement the future wedding ring. That suggests either choosing from a set — and that requires involving your fiance in the process since the woman is usually involved in choosing the wedding ring — or having the same custom maker create both the engagement ring and the wedding ring. That way, she or he can match the two pieces.

Ask for help from family and friends .

If you don’t want to involve your fiance in the choice or design of her engagement ring, you still don’t have to go at it alone. A designer can be a great help in explaining trends to you, but your intended wife’s mother, father, sisters and mates are also useful sources of information. Just be sure they’ll keep your secret if the ring is supposed to be a surprise.

With some smart and careful decisions and a little help from friends, family and professionals, you can present your woman with an engagement ring that tops every other engagement rings — at least in her mind and heart.

Petra Bierberg writes about engagement rings, custom jewelry and some of the other finer things in life. She’s seen continuously how fine-quality pieces can create dazzling experiences that people remember for a lifetime. If you’re looking for designer wedding rings

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