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Edible Favors For Summer Weddings


A wedding favor is a nice way to thank your guests for coming to your celebration. Edible favors are among the most popular, since everyone likes a yummy treat and they are not taste specific like mix cd of music or a decoration for the home. Your guests would enjoy any of these edible ideas for summer favors.

The abundance of ripe fruit is one of the nicest things about summertime. There are tons of ways to give fruit as a wedding favor. For instance, if you were planning a simple country wedding and wearing an informal wedding dress and bridal jewelry, your favors could be as low-key as bushel baskets of juicy peaches. Put up a note asking guests to take a piece of fruit. If you want to dress things up a bit, get tiny woven baskets, line each one with a piece of gingham fabric, and place a single perfect peach inside. Set the peach favors on the reception tables by the plates, or in rows on a side table.

Freshly picked berries are one of the pure delights of summertime. You can make the favor really special by packaging strawberries with shortcake fixings. Your family and friends would love to get a basket of ripe buy cialis online strawberries and a package of shortcake ingredients. It would be a nice touch to include the recipe on a pretty card. You could do a similar thing using other types of berries, such as blueberries or raspberries. You can also do an all-berry favor. Fill small tin pails with fresh blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries and tie a thank you note on the handle with a pretty piece of ribbon. It’s not the most unique favor perhaps, but everyone will love it.

Cookies are among the most beloved favors. Cookies can be personalized to match your wedding or the summer season. You could have frosted sailboat cookies for a nautical theme wedding, hibiscus flowers for a tropical theme, or beach balls for a beach reception. Another option is to have the cookies made to look like the bride’s gown, complete with an image of her custom bridal jewelry done in frosting. They will be cute and delicious.

A candy buffet is another excellent summer favor. Summery favorites include rock candy, saltwater taffy, lemon drops, and strawberry licorice ropes. Add any other candies that you love, like gummy bears, Sno-caps, or mini-Snickers bars. You can definitely add some chocolate candy to the mix. Of course you’ll need to keep the chocolates in a cool spot!

A final idea for edible favors for summer weddings is actually more of a drinkable favor. A fun favor like a pina colada or margarita mix will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Be sure to include the paper umbrellas or salt! Edible wedding favors are easy, affordable, and a guest favorite, making them a perfect option for a summer wedding.

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