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Dressing The Father Of The Bride


So much attention is paid to what the bride and other women in a wedding wear that sometimes it seems like no men are in the wedding at all! While the bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride dress certainly earn top billing, it does not mean that no one cares what the father of the bride and other men wear in the wedding (and if you think they don’t care, Dads, mention that you plan to wear shorts and an old t-shirt to the wedding – you will quickly find out that what you put on matters!). For any style of wedding, these are helpful tips for dressing the father of the bride.

Usually, the rule is that the father of the bride dresses in a manner similar to the groom. This does not mean, however, that he must wear the exact same suit or tuxedo as the groomsmen; the bride’s dad only needs to be consistent with their attire. For a formal wedding, he should wear a tuxedo.

Often the bride’s dad will prefer to wear his own tuxedo, rather than a rented “monkey suit” for the big occasion. If he already owns a tuxedo, it should be carefully assessed well in advance to be sure it still fits, is in style, and is in good condition. If the tuxedo passes inspection, it may well be that all Dad needs is handsome new pair of cufflinks, which the bride can select from her favorite Raleigh jewelry store. However, it’s time to head down to the men’s store for a replacement once the tuxedo has an outdated lapel or no longer fits.

A suit is the correct attire for semi-formal weddings. It’s not necessary for him to match his suit to what the other men are wearing. For example, the father fo the bride can wear that dashing navy blue suit he already owns, even if the groom and groomsmen are wearing charcoal gray. It is a good idea to keep a general tone in mind, however, so if the groom and groomsmen are all wearing light tan suits with silver cufflinks from a Raleigh jewelry store for a spring afternoon wedding, the bride’s father might wish to choose a suit in a light gray rather than black or navy. Avoid pinstripe suits that look too much like businesswear, and avoid double-breasted suits that look cheap if worn with the jacket open for the reception.

When the groom is wearing a jacket and trousers rather than a full suit, the father of the bride has the option of doing the same. If he feels too dressed down in a blazer, though, it would still be fine for the bride’s dad to wear a suit when the groom wears a blazer. There are a few things to keep in mind when teh father of the bride opts to wear a blazer and trousers. Whether a light weight wool for summer or flannel for winter, the blazer’s fabric should suit the season. In general, avoid anything “loud” — that madras patch blazer belongs on the golf course, not in a wedding; stick to solid colors. Wool gabardine trousers in a tan color are preferable to cotton buy cialis online khakis, as they will remain more crisp and un-wrinkled looking.

Finally, the father of the bride should do his best to fit in with the general style of the wedding, while also feeling free to put his personal stamp on his attire. This could mean coordinating a light color suit to the groom’s seersucker, or, even if he doesn’t normally dress up, a tuxedo for an evening wedding. A tie is always a must! The bride can help her dad by shopping with him and by getting him a gift to complete his outfit like a new tie or a pair of monogrammed cufflinks (perhaps found at the same Raleigh jewelry store where she picked up her bridesmaid gifts). The father of the bride should look handsome enough to escort his daughter down the aisle, and unobtrusive enough as to not draw attention away from the gorgeous bride!

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