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Don’t Spend More Than 999 Dollars for Your Wedding

One reason soft tabs cheap people say that they have to stay engaged and not get married is because it is too expensive to get married. Well, this complaint really is not valid because you can actually get married fairly cheap. If you get married at the courthouse itwill cost very little! But, if you are interested in having a reception and sharing the moment with family and friends then you will need a little bit of money to pull this off. It will take less than a thosand dollars to have the kind of wedding you always wanted. Sure, you might not have the bridal jewelry made of diamonds and platinum. You can have a wonderful wedding that you will always rememember and you won't need expensive limosines to do it.

Let's start off saving money by getting a bargain on a dress and pay less than $100. There are many bridal shops that sell off the rack wedding gowns for as little as $99. Take your time shopping around until you find a dress thatyou really love. Remember, too, that your bridal jewelry will make your dress even more beautiful and special. If possible, shop for dresses with your bridal jewelry so you can get the full effect.

Another good way to cut down onthe cost is to buy simple gold wedding bands for each other. One way to make sure bridal jewelry is affordable is to keep it simple. You can buy both bridal jewelry bands for as little as $250 and sometimes less if you shop around. You can add more extravagant bands later on when you have more money. You can always give bridal jewelry as a gift for a special occassion like an anniversary.

If you can find someone studying photography they will be willing to shoot your wedding for a very low cost-probably for $100 or less. Most of them will be happy to have a chance to get better at their photography and make some money at the same time. The priest or pastor will also cost around $100. You will need to serve refreshments of some sort and the easiest way to save money here is to have family members and friends each bring something. You can ask for menu items to get what you want and many people will be willing to help you find ways to save money. You may want to buy a wedding cake and if you choose a simple one from a bakery it will cost around $100.

Get married on a friends property or on your own and the cost will be zero. A church can be very low cost-sometimes as little as one hundred dollars and if you are a member somethimesnothing for members. So, if you are a member of a church get married there!

Flowers add a tremendous value to the wedding. Believe it or not but you can buy some beautiful flowers at your local super center and then arrange them yourself. Budget $100 for flowers and you will have a beautiful wedding. Borrow greenery like ferns from family members.

With all of these items you have spent about three fourths of your budget. Take the rest and brainstorm on choosing something else to add to make the day even more special-perhaps ballons or butterflies. A no cost invitation system is to use the internet or just order real inexpensive invitations. Now that you can see how easy to have a nice wedding for a very low cost spend some time coming up with some more fun ways to spend the money.

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