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Do You Need A Wedding Planner?


Planning a wedding is a big job, and for some couples, it is too much to handle on their own. Enter the wedding coordinator! There are full service coordinators, hourly planners, and day of wedding coordinators. Wondering if a wedding coordinator is for you? You might need a wedding planner if…

You Are Too Busy to Plan Your Wedding. Planning a wedding can take a lot of time, which is something that a lot of people lack. The wedding coordinator can do all of the running around town so you don’t have to. She can research vendors, pre-shop for wedding gowns and bridal jewelry, even audition bands for the reception. Just think off all the time you can save when someone else has already done all the research for you.

Money Is Tight. People often mistakenly think that only the rich and famous use party coordinators. Many regions have wedding planners who know all the tricks for getting a big look on a low budget. A coordinator will have wedding professionals with whom she often works, and can usually get a special rate. They might also have access to wholesale flower and fabric services to help you get a great price on your wedding decorations. A wedding coordinator can also help you figure out how to best allocate your available wedding funds, and help you stick within than budget when you are tempted to splurge.

You Have Family Drama. Wedding planners often do as much counseling as coordinating. A friendly wedding coordinator can serve as a buffer in mother-daughter disputes over the wedding. The planner should be able to best price cialis find a way to incorporate the vision of the bride and her mom into a cohesive wedding design that pleases them both. She can also be invaluable in educating an old-fashioned mother about the latest wedding trends, and a free-wheeling bride about the proper wedding etiquette.

Your Wedding Plans Are Complex. It might be that you are one of those brides who loves all the details of wedding planning, and that you have designed a fabulous event all by yourself. But on the day of the wedding, you are going to be far too busy getting into your gorgeous gown and crystal bridal jewelry to be directing the activities of vendors. In this situation, hiring a planner for the wedding day is invaluable. The planner can oversee the reception set up and make sure that the ceremony starts on time. Your wedding day should be fun, not a time for the bride to work and organize.

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