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Do You Have a Wedding To Plan?

Give Your Guests Custom Matchbook Pads.

Everyone who attends a wedding reception loves to receive free favors from the bride and groom. It is a wonderful way for the bridal couple to make all their invitees feel welcome and to tell their guests how much their attendance is appreciated on this special day.

If you have a wedding to plan, you’ll want to consult the Plan a Wedding Today planning guide for all sorts of useful wedding planning tips. You will find suggestions on how to purchase an affordable wedding gown, the correct way to select and send invitations, sources for reasonably priced floral arrangements, and ways to make your reception a truly gala affair. And, of course there will be great ideas for choosing and personalizing those sought-after wedding favors.

One of the best we’ve seen lately was a handy little matchbook pad we received at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. Now that so few people are still smoking, matchbooks have fallen out of favor for most parties. However, several companies have come up with the clever idea of turning a matchbook into a very useful miniature notepad you can drop into a pocket or purse. Add the names of the bridge and groom and you have an economical but highly desirable favor that all your guests will thank you for.

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