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Destination Weddings

If you’re planning on getting wed, picking out a location for your wedding is one of the most significant decisions you will make about your special day.  The location for the rite and the reception will dictate a lot of things, from the cost of catering to how many people you can invite to the wedding.  Many couples are departing from the standard marriage at a church followed by a reception at a party hall to something much more exotic.  Destination marriages are becoming more popular, since they mean a vacation for everyone involved with the wedding, not just a honeymoon for the bride and groom. 

The phrase destination marriage alludes to a wedding which occurs away from either the bride or groom’s hometown, putting the rite and / or reception somewhere where everyone travels to get to the marriage.  Sometimes destination marriages are smaller and dearer than their local counterparts, though the extra cost can be offset if the bride and groom honeymoon close to the locale of their wedding and ask for wedding guests to pay for their travel costs on their own. 

Destination marriages are most frequently held in picturesque and sometimes exotic locations, from Bali to Hawaii.  Destination weddings don’t necessarily need to mean that everyone has to fly ; a couple of hours drive away from home brings some folk to gorgeous, exotic areas that might as well be on the other end of the country.  An advantage of comparatively close destination weddings over their world counterparts is that more local weddings don’t require guests to spend a great deal of money on travel costs, nor do they need to apply for passports or visas. 

If you’re planning on having a destination marriage, realize that many guests who would otherwise like to attend your wedding simply won’t be able to afford the extra expense of going to the marriage location.  Many couples who select destination weddings have a reception right after the ceremony, but then also host an additional reception back home for family and friends who could not attend the event itself.  This hits a nice balance between having your wedding where you need while still getting everyone involved.  Naturally, you could always fly everybody who wants to visit the wedding to the location, though this alternative is highly dear and is out of the method of most couples. 

If you do have a destination wedding, be sure to not leave your visitors high-and-dry before and after the function.  Have other activities planned for the weekend and offer ideas for side activities for your guests, as they are fundamentally planning an entire vacation around your wedding.

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