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Dealing With Tattoos On Brides And Bridesmaids


Tattoos are a very personal form of self-expression. Because they are so personal, one person’s body art can be something that is considered distasteful to others. Shopping for the perfect dress is hard enough, but when it also has to complement a tattoo, the task can be even tougher. Now you know why tattoos and weddings can be a tricky subject. These are some suggestions for dealing with tattoos on the brides or the bridesmaids.

If the tattooed one is the bride herself, she will need to decide if she wants a wedding dress that hides her body art or showcases it. For some brides, their tattoos are an integral part of who they are, and they would not dream of trying to hide them. Then there are the brides who got a cialis tattoo in college because it was trendy and now wish they had not. The bride’s parents frequently feel that it is inappropriate for a bride to have tattoos showing during the vows. There can be quite a bit to figure out!

Many tricks exist for concealing tattoos if you do not wish them to be visible during your nuptials. Naturally the location of the ink will be important. When the ink is in a place like the shoulder, you can just shop for wedding gowns with cap sleeves if you want it to be tucked away. Another option is to choose a strapless gown, but to wear a bolero for the ceremony. Many brides are comfortable showing their tattoos for the party during the reception, but not for the ceremony and formal portraits. Little tattoos can often be concealed with special makeup made just for that purpose. Several companies make tattoo concealer especially for hiding body art.

When you do want your tattoo to be visible, look for a wedding dress that frames it well. It generally does not look well when the design is cut in half by a strap or the edge of the gown. Whenever possible, you are better off wearing a wedding dress that shows the entire tattoo. Of course you should use your judgement and not reveal too much skin, even if it means cutting a tattoo with part of the gown! Let your bridal gown consultant know your plan so she can guide you to the dresses which will work with your tattoos.

Plenty of brides have friends with tattoos that they do not find appealing. A bride who tries to micro-manage the way their bridesmaids look is going to be called a bridezilla. Maybe your sister won’t mind hiding the tattoo she got on spring break on a whim, but your friend who gets a new tattoo for every major milestone in her life will probably feel like you do not accept her for who she is. It is not worth damaging a friendship or relationship for the sake of how someone looks in a bridesmaid dress.

That is not to say that there is nothing you can do if your bridesmaid has tattoos you do not want to see during your wedding. Depending on the number or placement of the body art, you might be able to choose a style of bridesmaid dress that hides at least most of it. Some brides also give their attendants wraps to carry down the aisle to artfully conceal tattoos. A very clever idea is to hide wrist tattoos with wide bridesmaid jewelry bracelets. If you give the same sets of bridesmaid jewelry to all of your attendants, it will not be as if you have singled out the one woman with the tattoos, and they will all look lovely. Besides, your guests will really be focused on you, not your bridesmaids.

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