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Dallas Wedding Videographer Tips On How To Make A Unique Wedding Video

Once you have hired an experienced Dallas wedding videographer to cover your wedding and edit the footage to result in a wedding video, you can consult with him or her on the style or treatment you want for your video and the way you want the raw footage to be edited. While there are so many different ways to manipulate shots, intermingle treatments, and edit the video to make it one-of-a-kind, there are a lot of things your videographer can do to transform your video into an even more unique memento of that special day. Here are a few suggestions on how you can incorporate some unexpected touches into the final version of your wedding video:

The Animated Slide Show

Your videographer may also be able to take pictures of you and your groom using a digital still camera, or obtain images from shot footage. These pictures may then be turned into a fun, animated slideshow complete with borders, graphics, and narration, and then be displayed on an LCD TV, laptop, or projection screen while guests sign their names in the guestbook, wait for the arrival of the married couple, or when there is a lull in the wedding program. Footage of interviews may also be incorporated into the slide show.

Your Story

Some videographers also offer what may be called the “Love Story” package, which uses old and new footage and photos to tell the viewers of the video the story of your entire romance up to the day of the wedding. This package can include old video and family photographs, vacation videos and pictures, and funny anecdotes from friends and family about the married couple. This video may be shown during the reception prior to the first dance of the bride and groom, and may also be edited into the final version of the wedding video.

Scrapbook Redux

After the ceremony and reception, you can give the videographer a few souvenirs from the wedding for inclusion in your video scrapbook. These souvenirs may include the handwritten vows of both the bride cialis dosage and groom, a printed copy of the invitation, and so on. You may also opt to include items such as old love letters or photos, and some other stuff you have included in the “Love Story” video.

Your wedding video should mainly capture the events of your wedding day, such as some preparations, the drive to the venue, the wedding ceremony, and the reception. However, it may be a good idea to include the events that led to the wedding itself, including the courtship and relationship that occurred prior to the ceremony for a better narrative and a more comprehensive feel. Ask your Dallas wedding videographer about these and other ideas that can make your wedding video more unique and more memorable.

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