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Customize Your Wedding with Personalized Ribbons


Customize Your Wedding with Personalized Ribbons

acomplia to buy ribbons” href=”http://www.weddingfavorthings.com”>Personalized ribbons brand a wedding by giving it its own unique, personal stamp from start to finish. Pick a color that fits in with your chosen wedding accent color scheme. Decide on customizing the ribbon with a special saying or have the bride and groom’s names plus the date added to the ribbon. Following the theme of using personalized ribbons throughout your wedding can present a pulled together and highly customized look.


You can dress up wedding invitations by adding a small personalized ribbon bow to the fronts. It makes a cute little keepsake for invitees. You can also finish your wrapped gifts for the wedding party and your wedding gift for your spouse to be with personalized ribbons.


Of course, personalized ribbon is the ideal way to customize your wedding favors and the ideas are endless. For doubly personalized wedding favors, top favor box lids with personalized ribbon and place a personalized sticker in the center. Remember that you can use the wedding couple’s names and the wedding date on the ribbon or a special message or quote that’s meaningful to you and your spouse cialis to be.


Personalized ribbons also look great on organza wedding favor bags. No matter what type of favor container you use, remember that a small thank you card of some kind should always accompany wedding favors. Using a hole-punch to make a single hole in the thank you card is a perfect and easy way to add personalized ribbon for attaching the card to any container.


Personalized ribbons can also be used for tying rolled napkins at the reception dinner. They’re ideal for tying the ring onto the ring bearer pillow as well as the finishing touch for the cake serving utensils. You can also attach bows made from personalized ribbon around the wedding cake plate or the cake’s display table. Personalized ribbon is also the perfect addition to the guest book table – add a ribbon bow to the book and to the pen.


Tie a personalized ribbon on the garter for a surprise! Tying personalized ribbons onto door handles at the reception location is a cute accent idea. You can also add personalized ribbon bows to car antennas!

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