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Customization Ideas For Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the first impressions you and your fiancée hand out to your listed guests and family about what your wedding would be like. With so many options of customization from invitation suppliers, you need ideas that you and your partner can identify with to make it more personalized.

After the engagement party, you and your fiancée would like to tackle in picking out your wedding invitations. Usually, three to four months from the decided wedding date is the ideal time for giving out the wedding invites but this all depends of course in the preference of the couple. With all the online invitation suppliers around, you might want to try out a few of their customized patterns and themes. But then again, you would like to give your invitations a bit more of a personalized touch and would like to make your own concept theme for your wedding invitations.

Always consult your fiancée in picking out a centralized theme for invitations. Most engaged couples now share the burden of deciding on wedding details which makes it more easily compared to the bride-to-be last nod years ago. Males of today also want to share the load of their bride-to-be by being proactive and participative in the decision making of wedding events, details, and elements.

Now, in conceptualizing a theme for your wedding invitations, think of the most symbol you would like other people to perceive when they look at you as a couple. It can be a symbol of the first meeting you have with each other. If you happen to meet at the local bar over a mug of beer, then why not make a concept of a beer mug for your wedding invitations? It can be anything that you both find memorable even if it seems weird to other people in the guest list. With the modern and more open-mindedness of most people, anything goes for the design and concept and they might even find weird or offbeat invitation designs amusing or intriguing.

Color themes can vary from couple to couple depending on their themes. Of course, you can make it all easier with the color swatch or palettes available in most online invitation customization tools or options. Many other services can even give you an on-screen shot of what concept and design you can come up with. At this point, you can have the right idea of your final wedding invitation look.

Fonts and printing types are also important elements to look at when finalizing your invitation design. Many font sampler tools are available online for free so you can visualize the outcome of the text you will be putting on the invitation faces. Embossed printing is usually preferred due to their classic look that goes with any design theme. The content of your wedding invitation can also be a determining factor of your first impressions towards your guests. Most couples include their entourage listing in their invitations. Some also enclose RSVP details and some even insert money tree or wishing well advisories to make guests aware of their preferred wedding gifts.

Many wedding invitations can also have accessories. Ribbons and feathers seem to be the best choices for the outer decorations of invitations nowadays. Invitations can have different openings and inside details. Ribbons can be placed in horizontal or vertical positions with closing buckles in the center or some are decorated with feathers and other ornamental decors. Truly, you can be creative and practical at the same time with your wedding invitations.

Gerald Tuckeryoung is a writer for Skylighter which sells Bottle sparkler and Nightclub sparklers as well as a variety of other items.

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