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Creative Wedding Bouquets Without Flowers


A unique bouquet is a wonderful way to express your personal style. From rustic to glamorous, there are many fantastic options for non-floral bouquets. Get inspired with flowerless bouquet ideas.

Bouquets created from brooches are an especially popular type of non-floral accessory. They are usually round and fairly petite, and are made up from dozens of gorgeous brooches. You have wide open options to coordinate this bouquet style with your wedding dress. Brides who have a passion for sparkle can indulge in a breathtaking bouquet made entirely of crystal brooches to match their crystal bridal jewelry. Colorful brooches, such as those made of blue or pink crystals, are a stunning accent for custom crystal bridal jewelry made with colored Swarovski crystals. Brides with a classic sensibility can create understated pearl brooch bouquets. The creative bride can make her own brooch bouquet.

Feather bouquets are so much fun when you want to make a big splash at your ceremony. White feathers would be stunning for a winter celebration. Accessorize to impress with a magnificent spray of peacock feathers? Purple, blue, green – any of the gorgeous peacock shades would be amazing for Toprol XL online the bridesmaid attire. Channel your inner diva with a black feather bouquet. It would be an amazing bouquet for a Gothic style wedding. You will definitely make an impression on your wedding guests!

Bouquets sans flowers are often full of whimsy and charm. Felt flower arrangements are ideal for this style. What a sweet bouquet this would be for a rustic celebration. A felt bouquet would be a wonderful labor of love for a DIY bride, or they can be ordered on the Internet. In a similar vein, you can also create a unique bouquet from crepe paper or tissue paper flowers. Recycled paper flowers are a neat earth friendly approach to this concept. Books of poetry or romantic novels would be ideal.

Beach theme brides can carry seashell bouquets. Seashells in different shapes and sizes will work the best. Use the tiny seashells to round out the bouquet. A shell bouquet will make a wonderful keepsake from a beach wedding, and you never have to worry about it wilting in the hot sun. Add a luxe seafoam green bow to your lovely shell bouquet.

Be creative when planning a non-floral wedding bouquet. You could carry an elegant sheaf of wheat for a harvest wedding, preserved autumn leaves, or even a modern bouquet made from mini-Christmas balls. How marvelous it is to have a truly unique bouquet.

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