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Creating Your Own Wedding Candle Favors

One very popular choice of gift by the bride and groom which is regularly featured on the tables at the reception following the wedding ceremony is wedding candle favors. These functional yet decorative gifts of appreciation have fast become an important part of the wedding plan.

The giving of wedding favors is an old tradition and although the first recorded gift of this kind was said to be a little trinket box made of crystal acomplia medication of porcelain and usually encrusted with precious stones, these days they come in many forms and in different shapes and sizes.

There is a huge selection of both traditional and originally styled wedding candle favors available on the internet to suit all budgets and tastes. However, if you are looking for something a little different from everyone else, then why not have a go at making your own candles. It’s so easy to do. Simply get a few of your closest friends round to your house one evening, first having made sure you have all the supplies you need (as well as a couple of bottles of wine!).

In order to purchase the necessary materials you will first have to decide on what theme your wedding favors are going to take. This could be something linked with the theme of your wedding or perhaps you would prefer your gifts to be of a more personal nature relating to you and your man. Wedding candles often show the names of the bride and groom and the date on which they were married.

A lot will depend on which country you live in or originate from and national tradition is always an interesting topic to center your wedding favors around.

For examples, couples from the UK who just love a cup of tea, may choose to use the typically British cup and saucer as a holder for their candle wedding favors whereas those from the Netherlands would probably go for the famous blue and white of Delft pottery.

You could also take into account the time of year you are getting married as well as the location of the wedding when deciding on the design. What could look more effective than a stunning tulip themed candle if you are getting married in the spring or if you are to tie the knot on a lovely sandy beach somewhere in a hot and sunny climate, seashells make fabulous holders for your wedding free cialis candle favors.

The best thing about creating your own is the fact that you can spend as little or as much money as you wish and you are still likely to have an impressive and unique form of decoration on the table at your reception. Once the form the candle is going to take has been decided, it just remains for you to select the appropriate candle holders, the candles themselves, and the decorative materials you are going to use, such as ribbons and bows to enable your place cards to be attached to the candle holder.

Ask your friends and family for their opinions and let them be involved with the creation of your do it yourself wedding candle favors – after all, it is your big day and you want to share it with them in every way!

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