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Create Wonderful Memories And Keep-sakes With Simple Hen Night Ideas

Deciding on which hen do idea to settle on is very much dependant on the budget and character of the bride-to-be. Some brides want to have an all out, wild blast before the big day. Others like a rather more quiet, and subdued event. It’s the brides last time out with her friends before the special day, so it should be memorable for her. One thing for sure is that the hens partyy or occasion should be organised by a friend close to the bride-to-be who knows her well and can involve her in the planning. This is a sure fire way to ensure the bride will not be disappointed or embarrased on the day.

Great hen do ideas can include having brunch or dinner at a favourite restaurant in the area and will depend upon the types of special foods the bride-to-be loves. The restaurant should be in a central location that’s easy for everybody to get to. Many restaurants offer event planning and can handle most of the organising for you. Choose a place that you are acquainted with. It should be a restaurant with an extensive menu to cater for everybody’s tastes. It should be reasonably well priced, and have a wonderful atmosphere, but please note that this is not the time to try a new restaurant.

One of the hen night ideas that everyone in the group will like is a day of pampering at the local spa. It’s a way for the bride, close family members, and wedding attendants to enjoy a peaceful day and take a little time out before the wedding. The spa will organize to pamper everyone in your party in total luxury. Treatments at spas include advanced massage by trained therapists to chill those muscles and relieve all the stress. Try the sauna or relax on a waterbed. Everybody can get their nails in tip top shape for the wedding with a pro manicure, or get a glowing tan in time for the important day.

Booking the hens party on a day or evening cruise is another idea if this option is open to you. Cruise companies offer lunch, brunch, or dinner cruises, and often provide music. Take a relaxing cruise on a river or lake in the area. Cruise companies specializing in accommodating smaller groups can prepare a sumptuous brunch, an elegant dinner for the bridal party and friends, or finger-food with happy hour drinks. Enjoy the music and boogie the night away at your special pre-nup party.

Another concept that you can surprise the bride-to-be with is a t-shirt customised with a rhinestone design. You can apply rhinestone transfers to apparel that have special designs like wedding ring or saying like “Bride to Be” on the t-shirts. Text in rhinestones can be added to the t shirt so everyone knows she’s the bride. The bridesmaids could also have t shirts made in the colours of their gowns for the wedding, encrusted with decorative rhinestones. What better way to celebrate in style than with some custom designed bridal bling?

You might have heard of the “Black and Bling ‘ theme where the Hen Party dons matching t shirts sporting designs and sayings in rhinestones. This is a cheap and effective way to have the hen party looking glam and uniform for any particular hen party you settle on. The hen shirts are also a fantastic keep-sake for all involved after the special night. Imagine the fabulous photographs and memories of the bride-to-be celebrating the hens night with her special friends and family dressed in sparkling rhinestones!

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