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Complete Your Summer Look with Vintage Footwear

It is an exciting time for fashion, now more and more there aren’t any guidelines to observe, no styles you ‘should ‘ be wearing to fit in, we all have the right to express our personality thru clothing choices, in part because the fashion industry is bursting at its seams with styles. Trends appear to shift weekly, and individual, eccentric styles are at the height of fashion and driving invention. It’s all about exploiting vintage and modern pieces both to create your own style collage.

Designers use, the classic fashion ages as inspiration and a springboard for reinterpretation. Mad Men’s 1960s, hypersexual, power pumps are all the rage. Classic Audrey Hepburn ballet flats remain a closet staple. Why? These fashions have been tested. They have withstood the flash fads and have become eternal fashion.

Designers are rediscovering and re-popularizing these trends. If you hit the right season, then you can snatch a couple of espadrilles for summer that look like they come off a beach-tan Grace Kelly. But frankly, why buy new when it is possible to get the real deal? Perhaps they weren’t Grace Kelly’s exact sandals, but the same year, style and fit maybe and the prints are definitely classic.

Vintage shopping is really the closet you didn’t think you had access to. In stores you can only find what is popular for that season, but vintage offers price cialis styles from every age. We love the history of an item and , the inspiration it brings to our wardrobe. You can easily sculpt an entire outfit solely around a pair of shoes. Now we’ve got the potent inspiration designers have. It is cost-effective and at out fingertips.

Hunting for the ideal pair of wing tips? Vintage wingtips are already broken-in; the leather is soft, moldable and conforms to you foot. Which brings us to another perk of the vintage shoe shopping experience: getting more for less. Second-hand is more cost-effective than purchasing new so we’re able to buy more shoes at higher quality, for the same cost.

We’re all watching the pennies these days and not many of us can afford to splash out on a pair of pricey new shoes whenever we fancy, but with a vintage eye, you can easily find the diamonds in the rough and gently-worn shoes can be resoled and the leather can be replenished and the price is still a good deal for top fashion.

So enjoy finding yourself the perfect pair of vintage shoes. Everyone knows a good pair of vintage shoes is essential to finish off whatever look you’re going for and for a snip of the price of a new pair, you can build your own fabulous, special style for less.

Samantha Ludlum has a passion for Vintage Clothing. On her website she’s got great articles on all things vintage, if you need why not read her article on summer vintage clothing trends.

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