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Combine Golf and a Wedding

A marriage at a golf resort should be as straightforward or as complex as you wish. Even though you want to enjoy the golf, you don't have to give up enjoying to special feeling of wearing a white gown. It means cialis without prescription that the traditional long flowing train and a full skirt is probably not a very good coice. Rather, a simple straight elegant white dress that allows you to easily move with a detachable train would be the best possible choice for your gown, especially if you're going to swing a club as part of your ceremony. Use special bridal jewelry to enhance the simple elegance of your dress. Picture crystal glistening in the sun, or pearls to accessorize the gown.


Perhaps, you want to have your wedding be more informal, and then the choice of clothing is simple. A white golf outfit for the bride and bridesmaids' outfits that match the wedding colors are the best selection. Dress up a white visor with a veil and beads and that's all you will need for the wedding. The clothes of the groom should distinguish him from the crowd, possibly with a special tie or hat as an addition to his golf clothes. Don’t forget to add elegance by donning  special crystal wedding jewelry purchased just for this special day. You can use the savings from your dress that will allow you to give great wedding jewelry gifts to your wedding party.


The wedding can be on the course, if it’s allowed, and the reception right in the clubhouse. Choose a nice vacation site at a higher price to increase the luxury of your golf wedding. Las Vegas golf courses offer a vast array of prices for your wedding that closely resemble the traditional cost of any other type of wedding. Some provide bundled deals that can provide you with considerable savings. A higher class of resort to choose from are places like the Fairmont Banff Spring Golf Course, Banff, Canada. The beauty of the golf course with the contrast of the beautiful Canadian moutains in the background is even more enchanting with the hotel that looks like a scottish castle. It would be difficult to find another area with such natural drama. For guests who are not golfers, there are excursions to the glacier and also a trip on a gondola up the mountainside which is a real special treat if the wildflowers are blooming.


The reception can be the most fun to plan for this type of wedding. Why not choose special golf gifts for the guests? They will add to the theme. A golf ball with your names and wedding date is one way to catch the eye of everyone that walks through the door. Personalized tees are another way to announce to the world that you and your intended are making it a twosome. Delightful chocolate golf balls and mints in golf themed tins are another way to make sure that your guests never forget your special day.


If you have the reception at the club, normally they handle the food. A catered outside reception is also another way to keep with the theme of the game. Decide whether you would like to have a regular meal or just provide snack food that your guests can take with them when they go on the course. Don't waste a beautiful day by staying i side when the pleasure of playing golf is so close buy. If you are serving alcoholic drinks, you should have a special champagne punch and a few drinks a lot of people will like as well as some beer. Be sure to remember to save enough Champagne for toasts to the bride and groom. Top your wedding cake with two golfers or select one that reductil 15mg resembles a golf bag or club and balls. Have fun with your reception and enjoy a round of golf as husband and wife.

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