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Choosing The Wedding Venue Can Be Troublesome

Choosing the wedding venue is by no means an easy task. Between selecting a location that is feasible for all guests, within your budget, and getting everything you have long dreamt for, it can be a gruelling process. To help select the ideal location for the wedding, here are five questions you should try to answer.

1. What is the travel distance for guests?
No wedding is going to be lucky enough to have all of the guests living in the same city or county. Therefore, it is quite important you take into consideration where guests will be travelling from. If a majority of the guests are coming from a certain area, you may want to consider having the wedding venue nearer to the guests. If you conduct an internet search for your wedding location a good way to start would be, for example – wedding venues Surrey.

2. Does the venue have a good reputation?
Look into the background of all of your selected wedding reception venues London has many that have good recommendations on the Internet.
Find out what others have to say about it. Ask friends and family members what they think and if they know anyone that has been married or attended a function at this particular facility.

3. Is it the right size?
One of the most important things to take into consideration is the size of the wedding venue in relation to the number of guests attending. If you hire a large ballroom and only have a few guests coming, it may feel a little excessive.
Small wedding venues will give a wonderfully intimate feeling if your guest numbers are below 100. At the same time, you need to make sure there are enough seats for all of the guests if it is a larger wedding.

4. What are the bar policies?
Weddings are a family event but also a time to relax and have fun with friends and family members. Many weddings do have bars whether they are open bars or paid. Check to see what the bar policy is for the facility to ensure what you are looking for is possible.

5. What services does the venue provide?
The final thing to look regarding the wedding the venue is exactly what kind of services they offer. Are they going to help with the planning of your reception? Will they offer discounts and packages for catering and music?

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