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Charleston Bans Smoking

Legend has it that there was once a sign on all of the bridges leading into Charleston, SC, the stated “Welcome to Charleston. Unencumbered by Progress for the Past 100 Years.” Putting along “innovative” and Charleston in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Recently the Charleston cialis online City Council heard a rumor concerning something referred to as second smoke. Once a bit of analysis they were shocked to get that cities like LA and New York had banned smoking from public places.




Currently, being one in every of America’s favorite vacation destinations, they couldn’t let those other in style spots do something they weren’t doing. Especially them damn Yankees from New York City. The last time the City got this riled they launched a few cannonballs out into the bay at Ft. Sumter that started the American Civil War.




With a lot of hand wringing and gnashing of teeth by native bar and restaurant house owners, Charleston Town Council passed a ban on all smoking in public places. The non-smokers within the Low Country are breathing a sigh of relief; the bar and restaurant of us are threatening a law suit. Apparently they haven’t noticed that it is easier to find a place to park a dumpster then it’s to search out a place to smoke these days. Courts from one end of the country to the opposite have upheld these bans.




Generally we have a tendency to come down on the facet of the Bill of Rights and also the First Modification’s Freedom of Assembly clause. If individuals want to collect and smoke a legal and cialis coupon highly taxed product, what business is it of local government? If no one is being held against their will in these places, where is the matter? We would find these laws easier to swallow if they gave restaurant the option of being smoking or non-smoking with signs clearly marked on the door. But the promoters of the nanny state are never willing to travel together with this.




As non-smokers we tend to’ve worked out what places to avoid because they are smoked filled. Smoke billowing out to street whenever the front door is opened is typically the primary clue. In the West Ashley suburb of Charleston, you learn pretty quickly that you’ll be able to lose sight of your server within the haze of the smoke at Manny’s and therefore the food at the Map Room starts tasting sort of a nicotine patch when nine pm. If one of these places needs to become a non-public club for smokers then allow them to go at it. Create it illegal for anyone below 18 to enter. If the bar owners assume they will create a lot of money than honoring the ban, thus be it.




The larger concern is what can they aim next? McDonald’s french fries haven’t been the identical since the quit cooking them in lard. Then “trans fats” were bad. Keep in mind “saccharin?” After winning the anti-smoking battle does anyone seriously suppose the “health Nazis” can disband and start leading a traditional, productive life? Don’t count on it.




They can pry my key lime pie from my cold dead fingers.

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