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Celebrate Your Wedding With A Unique Wedding Theme

Unusual Wedding Favors

Virtually everyone who was a teenager or adult during the decade has a fond memory or two about the 1980’s and many people are incorporating an  80’s Theme Wedding as the undercurrent for their special day.

The easiest way to incorporate the 80’s into your wedding is through dress, hairstyles and music. Your options are virtually countless. Dress can be as simple as big shoulder pads and pumps for women and double breasted suits with power ties for men. Big hair was the style of the day for women, while 80’s style men’s hair ranged from Wall Street slick to Flock of Seagulls style punk; either way, the makers of hair products scored big.

80’s style wedding enterpieces are also easy ways to commemorate the decade without going overboard. Including a disposable wedding camera on every table will allow your guests to capture the day and will let you build a CD and/or scrapbook that will remind you of the specialness of the occasion as well as memorialize how your friends remember both the day and the 80’s.

An 80’s Theme Wedding , wedding party or reception is a fun way to remember the closest thing our generation has had to anything “roaring.” It will let you remember a time when things were certainly more innocent and also give your special day a unique favor. Most of all, you will get to incorporate the largeness of the decade in a way that will always remind you of the impact of your big event on your lives long after the 80’s are relegated to nostalgia.

Wedding theme colors have to be chosen carefully and matched appropriately. Adopting bright, bold colors can give off an aura of aggression that subconsciously sets the mood for an event. Likewise, colors that are too muted or dingy can set a standard for sloppiness or look shabby in photos.

The easiest way to choose your wedding theme colors is to rely on tried and true colors and only incorporate off or different colors if they have special meaning or are preferred to you both. By sticking with primary colors, your scheme will not only be well received, it will also create a mood that is light and fun. Colors can also enhance photos, receptions and any articles that you provide for gifts.

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