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Care And Choices Are Among The Hallmarks Of A Fantastic Jewellery Design Company

What makes a good jewellery design company? The answer could be easier than you might think. You see, there’s no massive secret. It all comes down to old school values and integrity and masses of options for their clientele.

What could actually be simpler than that?

The best jewellery designers do 2 things: They offer plenty of options, and they pay attention to what their clientele wants.

Choices In Metals And Gems

Avoid jewellery design firms that only work in one type of metal or guide you away from the gems you would like in favour of more expensive ones and materials that may be less complicated for them to work with.

The best designers work in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and even stainless-steel and other metals. They are equally at home working with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and cheaper gems that have meaning to their clientele.

While designers are involved in each level of the designing process, the metal and gem choices must ultimately be made by the client because they impact the price, durability and design of the wedding ring. Look for a designer that steers you towards selections that work well for your design and budget rather than choices that make things less complicated for him.

Eagerness To Listen

Design firms exist to serve their customers, so avoid working with a designer who doesn’t share your vision of the project or would prefer to do things in a fashion that makes you uncomfortable.

Extensive consideration of client expectations is among the hallmarks of a good jewellery designer. A crafter should enjoy interacting with clients and helping them shape their ideas as much as doing the particular crafting of the pieces that a buyer requires.

In the custom jewellery business, each job is unique and some are more rewarding than others, but the design company should offer the same high-quality consumer service to low-end jobs as to big-ticket pieces that cost thousands.

Because it is a highly specialized business, every project is as much a consumer service responsibility as a design job.

The Base Line

In the final analysis selecting a good jewellery design company is about professionalism. A professional crafter offers a full range of choices in metals and gems and takes a professional approach toward each customer.

To put it another way, it’s about good folk doing good work together.

A willingness to work within budget and to exact specs while maintaining a professional approach is also key to a satisfactory relationship with a jewelry company.

If you do not trust a company or can’t work with the people it employs, it’s time to look elsewhere. Even the most accomplished designers are meaningless to you if they aren’t part of a pro company that makes every effort to do what you want in a way that makes you happy.

A good jewellery design company, come to think of it, has the same kind of integrity, compassion and professionalism as a good company in any other industry. But no other kind of company can make you sparkle like it can.

Petra Bierberg, owner of a jewellery design company, writes about ways to choose a good jewellery design company and other issues connected to the jewellery trade. The incontrovertible fact that she likes to wear striking jewelry has zilch to do with it.

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